Tuesday, November 2, 2010

sha la la la. ♥

Well well well.. At school & I should be working on catching up in my key boarding class, but blogging seems soooo much more fun. Even though I am kinda out of the loop and what I want to write about..I will still give it a try. My life is pretty boring lately. I go to school, I hang out with J and I hunt, and I do homework. Other than that.. I do not do much of anything else. :)

Which let me tell you; is aweeeesome. I love not having to go to work, and I even might be able to get into this program from unemployment that will let me just go to school and not have to look for work, which would be nice. I know that I need to work, buttt for right now, I am loving not working and just having to go to school.

Sooo how have all of you been? I have missed you all so much. I am working on getting back into commenting, and reading all about your lives. I am going to try to do a little survey, just to give you all an update. :)