Thursday, March 31, 2011

Too blog or not to blog; is that really a question?

Hello. Hello. Hello. Yes. I know that it has been about fiiiive million years since I have been actively blogging, but I am now in a class where there are five weeks left & I am completely done with it. With nothing better to do with my time, and my need to blog growing larger.. You all get to get reaquianted with me. :) Hope you're all super duper excited. I hope to start blog hopping around and visiting you all soon. :)

My life is going pretty amazing, with the usual Shelby bumps in the road--but all in is great. I am half way through my fourth term of school, and after this only two more & I will have my associates degree in Healthcare Admin. I am excited about seems to be really dragging. I am going to continue on at another school to get my bachelors--which Lord help me--will go quickly & not kill me in the process.

J & I are pretty amazing. We have been actively ttc..which is frustrating, and wonderful all at the same time. We are on month seven of zero birth control, with not so much as a late period. I have started a weight loss regimen, working out (swimming & walking more), and J is on a strict no bath policy--most cause he's probablly boiling his little men. :)

The dogs--ohh man my dogs. Three of the most muttly dogs ever. :)

  Well-- I am outta here