Wednesday, March 31, 2010

this blog makes me cry..

Today, I came across this blog. It isn't about design or fashion, or pretty things that make you smile. It is about raw, truthful things & I love it. I love reading it, and fighting back the urge to cry for the people in it, the babies unwanted, or the ones that don't make it. I wish I could start reading it, from day one and just go through the whole process. I am addicted to this, I have sat here, staring for hours reading, page after page. Falling in love with the baby that blows kisses. :) I hope you will all check her out, and fall in love just like I have. :)

Who wants happy mail?!?

So I stole got this idea from Ashley, and I figured, why not make other peoples day even if I can't make my own. :) I am really looking forward to doing this. So anyone who would like to participate, just send my your home address in an email here, and I will get on sending out some pretties for you. :)


Know your numbers;

Oregon Heart and Vascular Institute came to work today and had a "Know Your Numbers" day. They did a fasting blood draw, blood pressure, and height and weight.

Let's just say- what I thought I a bit off. And not in a good way. I actually weight 271 & I am 5'10". Here is are my numbers;

                        My Value         Recommended Level
Triglycerides-        56                  Below 150 mg/dl
Total Cholesterol   118                Below 200 mg
HDL "good" chol.    39                 Higher than 40 mg
LDL "bad" chol.      68                 Below 100 mg
Risk Ratio             3.0                Less than 4.0
Fasting Blood Glu   92                 Below 100 mg

Blood Pressue 121/72           Ideal; 120/80 mmHg
Pulse- 82

    So I am below in everything, I just need to get my good cholestorol up. They told me to excercise- Check. Lose Weight- Working on it. And eat fish twice a week- maybe. :) I am not that great at eating a lot of fish, but I am going to try. I just don't like cooking it & having it smell up my house.

I am going to work out today & work really hard on pushing myself.. :)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

today; blah.

i have been made cry by an old lady yelling at me.
wanted to quit my job more than once.
felt like curling up into a ball and crying
needed my husband
wished i were closer to people
been told i need to smile more
ask a friend a hard question about her life
felt jealous of someone because of their hardwork
felt disapointed by a person I really care for
had my feelings hurt
felt like i would soon be in trouble for something i didn't have control over

And all of this in the last eight hours. I have not had a good day. I am moody, grouchy, upset, tired and so ready for a change of pace. I feel like I am being picked on, and singled out. I feel like my stupid horomones are completely out of whack. I have no one thing to be stressed about & I am literally seconds away from a freak out.

I need a pepsi and a cupcake.

When I get off work, I am going to grab a pair of running shoes from Kaitlyn's closet and take off down Davisson. I need to job and get some of this aggression or whatever it is burnt out of my system. It's just too much to be unhappy, especially when I have nothing that should make me upset. :(

uh. off work in eight minutes.

questions answered..

So I just found this blog & I am pretty much loving it. :) I decided to answer her questions, because well--I wanted to. :)

1. what book are you reading? currently.. the partner by john grisham. But I lost it, and I cannot seem to find it anywhere. And I have like a 1/4 of an inch, until I finish the book.

2. where do you wish you could be right now?  Playing outside in the sunshine- if there was any to play in. :)

3. what does your mousepad look like? i don't have one. it's a whole thing my keyboard & mouse sits on. :)

4. if you wanted to and you could quit your job without consequence. what would you say? Thank you for the oppurtunity to work with you. But J and I have decided to start a family.

5. how will you make your dreams come true? Keeping the path that J and I are on, working hard, being in love. :) 

6. Favorite Halloween costume ever? well, I do not even remember. I once was a motocycle rider. lol. :) With big hair & a lots of make up @ 8, and the halloween before Justin and I got together, I was a sexy logger- 60lbs ago- cut off shorts, a hickery shirt, supenders, boots, and pig tales. Justin said that's the night he fell in love, lol.

7. Favorite song from back in the day?  carrying your love with me, george straight.

8. one thing you could change about you? how snoopy i am. i just wish i didn't care at all.. but sometimes it gets the best of me.

Day 5 & 6; diet.

Yesterday I had the day off..Let's just say- I did horrible. I had some ice cream, I had some carrots, some laughing cow cheese, a banana, a sandwhich, some top ramen, and a pepsi. Yeah. I am not even going to begin to look up the calories. I know I sucked it up. :) But I was at home, and we do not have anything diet in my house, I needed to go through the cupboard & re-organize them and get all the junk into the garbage and all healthy stuff in there.

Today, I have had a banana, and part of a coffee. I will have a light lunch & something good for dinner, since J will more than likely be starving when he gets off work. He is working 14 hours today, which is going to be such a long day for him. We left the house this morning at four, so we will see what time he gets off today. Poor guy. :(

Alrighty, I am going to go browse through your blogs. Hope all is well.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

day 3 & 4 diet; [03-27-2010]

I did not do good yesterday. I had chips and dip and mexican food & starbucks. So, let's just say I am at 2500 calories for the 27th. :) I will write out a list of things, when I get a chance.

Today, hasn't been that bad. It's almost 2:36pm and I have had breakfast and lunch for lunch. 3 cups of black coffee with one sugar packet & 4 cups of water. :) I plan to eat something light for dinner. Lunch was my usual subway sandwhich, I am not sure the calories right off the top of my head. :)

 Sorry I havn't been that good about my calories today. :) I forgot my shoes & work out pants at home, so I won't be working out today. Or tomorrow. Justin works tomorrow & I have it off, so he will have the car.
  Alrighty, I am off work. I will update you all on Tuesday.


day 2; diet [3-26-2010]

Today has been pretty good. I am going to work out tonight when I get off work. It is the first time I have worked out in quite awhile, so I am going to try to work into it.

Treadmill; 5 minutes at 3.0 mph 20 minutes at 3.5 mph 5 minutes at 3.0
Elipitcal; 30 minutes
A circuit of weights
Treadmill; 10 minutes
Tan & head home. :)
Total time working out; 1 hr 20 mins [about]

Food 3-26-2010

  • Cheese bagel w/ cream cheese [ 401 calories- I know, not the best choice, I was hungry, low and needed something right then. I suck. :) I am having salad for dinner.]
  • Coffee 16oz, with cream and sugar [102 calories]
  • Subway sandwhich- Sweet onion chicken teriyaki w/ lettuce, cucumber, and onion. No cheese and really light sweet onion sauce [420 calories]
  • Water
  • KFC bowl; potatos, gravy, corn and popcorn chicken
  • medium pepsi
When I got off work J and I had so much running around to do, we didn't get a chance to eat until 8:30 at night. I went and worked out after I got off work for an hour. It wasn't much. 30 minutes on the treadmill, 10 on the elipitcal and then a curcuit of weights. I felt good about what I could do in the time that I had. We went to my sister in-laws to watch movies. It was really a nice and relaxing weekend. 

surveyyy sundayyy. ♥ it's long. i'm at work && bored.

Had the Chicken pox: yep

Ever gotten a scar: yes, a few
Had a broken nose: nope
Had your tonsels removed?: no
Had ice cream in the morning: not that i know of. lol.
Had to give the heimlich: nope
Dated outside your race?: no
Given a hickey?: maybe once. hehe. :]
Dated your good friend/best friend?: yep.
Sung in the shower?: yup
Spit in someone's drink?: lol. hmm.
Dumped someone?: yea
Opened your Christmas presents early?: yea
Peed outside?: yeppers
Seen "The Goonies" more than 10 times?: no, probablly not once.
Had more than five REAL bf/gf?: yeah.
Played a computer game for more than 5 hours?: probably
Ran through the sprinklers naked?: nope.
Ate food that fell on the floor?: i have
Went outside naked?: all the time; our dryer is outside. lol.
Made out with your best friends bf/gf?: no
Mooned somebody?: nope
Been on stage?: yes

Made someone cry?: yep
Been in a parade?: i sure have
Been in a school play?: no way
Drank beer?: make an ass outta myself; woo hoo.
Gotten detention?: once
Been on a plane?: yes'm
Been on a cruise?: three
Broken into a house?: my own.
Gotten a tattoo?: nope
Gotten piercings?: yes
Cried so hard you threw up?: :( yea
Gotten into a shouting match?: i have
Been skinny dipping?: thats a yes
Spun yourself in circles to get dizzy on purpose?: yea
Laughed so hard it hurt?: all the time
Tripped on your own feet?: oh yea
Cried yourself to sleep?: mmhmm:(
Cried in public?: yep

Thrown up in public?: i have
Lied to your parents?: of course
Skipped class?: a few.
Slept in class?: yea
Would you eat a live hamster for $1,000,000?: uh. no.
If you were stuck on an island, what people would you want with : Justin. My dogs. A good book. And a lighter. :)
Do you admire anyone?: yes
Who is the last person that called you: Justin
Who was the last person you slow danced with: Justin
What makes you laugh the most: lots of people
What makes you smile: everything almost
Do you like filling these out: mhm. i love them.
Do you wear contacts or glasses?: soon. so soon.
i get paid on friday & I will be getting my glasses then. :)
Do you like yourself: most days i do
Do you get along with your family: most of them
Have you stolen anything over $30?: nope, never stolen anything other than a cookie from the cookie jar. :)
Are you obsessive?: of somethings
Are you compulsive?: sometimes maybe

Want to have children?: yes!
Do you like mornings?: not usually, but we are working on our relationship.
Do you enjoy seafood?: YES!!
What are you listening to right now: the emergency room.
What makes you happy: lots of things
What did you do yesterday: went to "the worlds largest garage sale", had starbucks, watched Justin and his family shoot their bows, watched the fights, and went home and to bed. :)
Got any awards: lots.
What car do you wish to have: scion tc.
Do you want to get married: mhm. i would totally get married again. I loved my wedding.
If you could change anything about yourself, what would you change: my weight
Good driver: i try to be!
Good dancer: not really, but I try.
Good Singer: absolutely not!
Have a lava lamp: no.
How many remote controls are in your house: a bunch
Are you double jointed: yes
What do you dream about: random things
Last time you showered: this morning
The last movie you saw at the theatres: hm. bounty hunter
Scary or happy movies: either just depends on my mood
Root beer or Dr. Pepper: pepsi.
Mud or Jell-O wrestling: Jell-O
Vanilla or chocolate: chocolate
Skiing or Boarding: skiing

Summer or winter: summer
Silver or Gold: silver
Diamond or pearl: diamond
Sunset or Sunrise: sunset
Sprite or 7up: 7-up
Orange juice or apple juice: apple juice
Cats or dogs: dogs
Coffee or tea: coffee
Phone or in person: person
Oldest, middle, youngest or only child: oldest
Indoor or Outdoor: lil bit a both
Describe Yourself In One Word: happy
What's your biggest fear?: not having children.
What's your biggest mistake?: one i made awhile ago that i dont care to discuss!
Your proudest accomplishment: getting my current job.
#1 Priority in your life: Justin.
Dream job: Social worker for families with Autistic children.
Causes you believe in: anything that has to do with children or animals im all for them
Special talents: not sure i have any... i can pick up stuff with my toes :D
Where are you right now?: the er at work.
Where would you rather be?: anywhere with justin
Famous person you'd like to meet: Jennifer Aniston
Place to visit before you die: Europe.
Song to be played at your funeral: hm. chasing pavement, adele.
Your good luck charm: don't think i have one
Best song you ever heard: not sure i like a lot of songs
Stupidest thing you have ever done: just not thought before doing it
What's your room like: messy
Last thing you said: sure.
What is beside you: stapler. tape. phone. coffee.  newspaper.
What shampoo do you use: Paul Mitchell
Something that has happened to you this year: I got hired on full time @ the job of my dreams.
Worst thing that has happened to you this year: Nothing. I have had a really good three almost 4 months.
Your body type? : overweight
Your skin tone?: medium.
Your most missed memory: having my bills paid for.
the first thing that comes to mind whhen you hear: Blue?: the color milly is going to paint her wall.
Today's date: March 28, 2010
What is the best grade you've ever gotten on an essay: 100% percent. 300 out of 300
Your happiest moment?: marring justin.
On your feet?: crocs.
Given anyone a bath: yea
Smoked: na long time ago.
Bungee Jumped: mhm
Made yourself throw-up: yep
Gone skinny dipping: yup
Put your tongue on a frozen pole: yea
Broken a bone: none.
Played truth or dare: of course
Been in a physical fight: nope
Been in a police car: never
Come close to dying: yea when i was younger
Been in a sauna: yes.
Been in a hot tub: duh!
Fallen asleep in school: a lot!
Ran away: nah
Broken someone's heart: yes
Cried when someone died: i have
Flashed someone: hmmm yep
Cried in school: yep
Fell off your chair: haha yes
Sat by the phone all night waiting for a call: hmm not sure. probably tho
Saved MSN conversations: no
Saved e-mails: yep
Made out with just a friend: i have
Used someone: probably..
Been cheated on?: yes.
Done something you regret?: YES!!!
Stolen Anything: no.
Been drunk before noon: no
Had sex in a public place: kinda
Got caught telling a lie: im sure
Got a speeding ticket?: three
Littered?: yea
Fantasized about a co-worker?: nope.
Cheated on a test: ya
Cheated in a relationship?: yes.
Failed a class?: nope
Screened your phone calls?: yes.
Eaten food off the floor?: haha yup
Cried during a movie: of course!
Had a one night stand: no comment.
Favorite kind of pants: not sure
Favorite Number: 7
Boys Name: Carter, Sawyer Jackson [and call him SJ], Bryce, Caleb, Cole
Girls Name: Kaidence Elyse, Kholbi Blake, Aniston Jolene, Collins Isabel
Animal: giraffe
Drink: Snapple/coggee/water with lemon.
Sport: Basketball
Fast-Food Place: subway
Month: August.
Band: not sure
Movie: Too many to name!
Breakfast: Breakfast Burritos
PerfumeStill, JLO
Cologne: aqua di gio.
Favourite cartoon character: tink.
Color: yellow.
Food: Homemade soups or anything Mexican or Italian
Ice Cream?: Chocolate/ Rocky Road
Shoes: Flip Flops
Place to relax: In the bathtub, or in the sun
Magazine: Cosmo
Person to hang out with: Alicia, Justin, Karlea, Emeli.
Place to go on the weekends: anywhere
Thing to wear to bed: nothing.
Time to shower: morning
TV show: greys.
Season: summer.
Holiday: thanksgiving.
Smell: Justin. Logging.
Perfume/cologne: already said
Memory: hunting with justin. :)
Book: hmm not sure
Thing about the opposite sex: shoulders, chin.
Cereal: cheerio's
Who are your best friends: alicia. emeli. karlea.
Do you have a bf or gf?: a husband.
Best place to go for a date: florence [the beach, mo's, casino, our favorite hotel]
Longest relationship: 4 years 3 months 18 days.
Shortest relationship: couple weeks
Outgoing or introverted?: outgoing
Would you kiss the last person you kissed again?: a million times a day!
How many gf/bf have told you they love you?: two.
Have you ever thought you were going to marry someone?: yes'm
Are you crushin' on someone?: It's past that, we're married.
Are you happier single or in a relationship?: in the relationship i am in
Have you ever been cheated on?: yes.
Have yo uever been with someone who was taken at the time?: ...yea...
Have you ever had your heart broken?: yep
Have you ever broken someones heart?: yes
Do you talk to any of your ex's?: nope.
Do you believe that you are a good bf/gf?: i think i was.
Have you dated people who were not good for you?: yes
Have you ever been in an abusive relationship?: yea.
Have you ever dated someone older than you?: yep
How about younger than you?: yep
Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance?: not everyone but second chances should sometimes be given out
Believe in love at first sight?: nope
Ever been given an engagement ring?: yes.
Do you want to get married?: currently.
Ever stolen someone's bf or gf?: well.
Does heartbreak really feel as bad as it sounds?: its worse!
Is your gf/bf the most amazing person?: He is I love him<3

Full Name: Shelby L. Holland
Single or Taken: Happily Taken
Sex: Girl
Birthday: July 8th, 1986
Sign: Cancer
Siblings: Emeli, Kaitlyn, Kendal
Eye colour: Blue
Shoe size: 11-12
Height: 5'9"
Country born: United States
Innie or Outie: Innie:)
What are you wearing right now: black scrubs with a white long sleeve shirt.
Where do you live: Cottage Grove Or
Righty or lefty: Righty
Any pets: yeppers
Where do you work?: The hospital.
When did you start using Facebook?: couple years ago.
How much time do you spend on Facebook a day?: a decent amount
Do you own a cell phone?: I do
Do you like to text?: Love it
Play an instrument?: nope
Have any Tattoos?: nope.

Would you go to a Manson concert if you had a free ticket?: NO WAY!

Friday, March 26, 2010

thirty questions; j & i answers.

1. What are your middle names?
Shelby Lorena & Justin Edward

2. How long have you been together?
4 years, 3 months, and 16 days.

3. How long did you know each other before you started dating?
4 months

4. Who asked who out?
Justin, we hung out for a week or so
straight & then he asked me to be
his girlfriend. :)

5. How old are each of you?
24 in July & 23 in September

6. Did you go to the same school?
Yes, kinda, but we
never went to school

7. Are you from the same home town?

8. Who is the smartest?
Depends on the subject.

9. Who majored in what?
Shelby; Healthcare Admin [when I get my degree]
Justin; I don't think he'll ever go to college.

10. Who is the most sensitive?
Me. Hands down.

11. Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple?
California; Bakersfield.

12. Who has the worst temper?
Justin. Hands down.

13. How many children do you want?

14. Who does the cooking?

15. Who is more social?
Both of us.
Depending on the crowd.

16. Who is the neat freak?
Neither of us.

17. Who is the most stubborn?
Both of us.

18. Who wakes up earlier?

19. Where was your first date?
To the beach, 12:30 in the morning
He convinced me to drive an hour and
forty minutes to the beach.

20. Who has the bigger family?

21. Do you get flowers often?
Uh, no. I have only
recieved flowers
twice in 4+ plus years

22. How do you spend holidays?

Easter @ my sister in laws
Christmas eve @ my dad's dad's family
Christmas morning @ Justin's families
Christmas afternoon/night @ my families
[as long as everyone is talking to everyone]
23. Who is more jealous?
depends on the situation

24. How long did it take to get serious?
We got together in Dec, and moved in
together in Janurary

25. Who eats more?
Justin..but I'm the snacker! :)

26. What do you do for a living?
Shelby; Admitting @ a hospital
Justin; Logger

27. Who does the laundry?
uh..neither. lol
we both hate it.

28. Who's better with the computer?

29. Who drives when you are together?
I have started driving more.

30. What is your song?
well, we don't really have a song.
we have songs that remind us of
eachother. when we got married
we played eric church-
loves your love the most and
then chantal kreviask-something
feels like home.

fill in the blanks people.. NOW! [I mean Please..] :)

Lauren over at The Little things we do, does this
nifty little "Fill in th eblank Friday", here & I am pretty
sure you should also!!
 Just be sure to link up when you are all done. :)

1. The best piece of advice I was ever given was any advice given by the my grandma, she knows what she is talking about. :)
2. If I had a million dollars to give to one charity I would give it to Cancer research.
3. If I got to choose my "last meal" it would be lasgana, chicken enchiladas, salad, and french bread, all my favorites, in one bunch. :)

4. My hair is becoming my favorite feature of mine. One days that it behaves, my hair and I are besst friends.
5. If at first you don't succeed go get a coffee and give it another shot.

6. I have always been very opinionated.

7. Oh....and by the way.... I was nice last night, when I was put into a situation involving a conversation about Justin's ex. whom I probablly would not put out if she was on fire, yet last night- I was nice, I said a nice thing. I didn't have to. But I did. GOLD STAR FOR ME! THANK YOU VERRRRY MUCH.

Enjoy your friday. I am going to catch up on my lovely blogs that I read & try to find a calorie counter to put in my blog. :) Love.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

day 1; diet. [edited]

Today; I have started my diet. I don't have a goal weight or anything. I just want to get back to looking healthy, and get back into shape. I would looove to lose about 75 lbs, and get down to 185-190 lbs. I know that it will take a ton of hard work & diet change and exercise. I am going to try very hard to keep to this diet, and hopefully youguys will check in every so often and ask how things are going. :) Love.

Today I have had:

  • 1 banana [62 calories]
  • 2 cups of coffee 16oz each [one with about 1/4 cup half and half and half a shot of vanilla--the other with two sugar packets with a little of the left over creamer from the first cup.] [coffee- 4 calories cream- 78 calories  sugar- 59 calories vanilla 78 calories]
  • 1oz baby carrots [35 calories]
  • Kaiser roll with turkey, fat free cream cheese and cranberry [cream cheese- 107 calories,cranberry  sauce-104 calories, kaiser roll- 82 calories, turkey- 104 calories
  • cup of beef & homening soup [100 calories]
  • 16 oz ice water with lime. [2 glasses 0 cal, 2 calories for the lime slice]
  • Laughing Cow; Light Swiss wedge [1 wedge- 35 calories]
  • 1 oz baby carrots [35 calories]
  • Six inch Subway Sweet onion chicken teriyaki [420 calories]
Total calories; 1169

I feel that I have done pretty good today. My lunch was pretty calorie packed, but I think that I did light cream cheese and it was fat-free and the cream in my coffee, but other than that I feel I did good today, so far. I am going to keep drinking my water through out the day. I plan on buying a couple lemons and lime and cutting them into wedges, it makes it so much easier to drink water if it has a touch of flavor to it, without the added calorie.

I am headed to the gym today, to sign up for a membership. I am really excited and ready for the change. :)

Wish me luck. ♥

strawberry-lemonade. ♥

Outside my's cloudy, and I can see a huge flock of birds landing on the front grass
The time is..almost 2:15
Today I laying in bed reading a good book.
I am thinking..4:15 had better hurry so that I can hit the gym & go to the jewerly party.
At the moment, I am thankful..for Justin's job. It is going to be so nice both of us having full time jobs.
I am have a very low key weekend.
I am scrub bottoms, pink and white striped shirt & a white hoodie zip up.
I wish..that it was payday. :)
I am reading..blogs.
I am working on..a enjoying each day as much as possible
I am get a new car soon.
I am in the er.
Around the needing laundry done.
I bet you didn't know..I was in bed by 9pm.
One of my favorite..restaurants is Cosmo Cafe. Or Stacy's Covered Bridge


Question 1: Where were you five years ago?

  1. Almost 19 years old, I was engaged to a man, that I thought I would marry.
  2. Working full-time at a beauty supply store
  3. Trying to save money to go watch Kaitlyn play basketball in Texas
  4. I was living with my Grandma Pat
  5. I was realizing I didn't love my fiance anymore.
Question 2: What is (was) on your to-do list today?
  1. Gym appt with V @ 5.
  2. Meeting up with Emeli to go up to my sister in-laws house
  3. A lia sophia jewerly party for Mil's friend.
  4. Hanging out with J when he get off work
  5. Making a lunch for me tomorrow night.
Question 3: What five snacks do you enjoy?
  1. Strawberries.
  2. Pretzels; the snyder of hanover ones.
  3. carmel popcorn
  4. funyuns
  5. carrots
Question 5: What five things would you do if you were a billionaire?

  1. Pay off our debt & the debt of my parents
  2. Help my dad start up another logging company
  3. Buy a house & a truck for J and a car for me
  4. Pay for J and I to go to college
  5. Put the rest of the money away for our kids to go to college.
And 5 bloggers to pass it on to...
  1. Abby; Murdocks Mama
  2. Cannot think of your name; I am sorry. ♥; Scientific Housewife
  3. Cat; No Wooden Spoons
  4. Whitney: Diet Coke & Sarcasm
  5. Kristin; Hands, House & heart full

Hi-Ho Hi-Ho it's off to work we go.. ♥

Disclaimer: My husband & Father &
Grand-father are/were loggers. I will
not post any comments that are
against the world of logging, and/or
anything that says that it is cruel to the
trees. Every logging company
re-plants more trees than they
cut down, there is an over
abundance of logs in the area where
they are logging. Logging is why
my sisters and I went to college,
why I got married, and the reason
I am still alive, because my father and
husband were able to put food on the
table. Thank you very much.

In honor of my wonderful husband going back to work. I decided to write a nifty little post about what he and my father do & show some pictures & stories. :)

    I never thought I would grow up to be a logger-wife. I grew up being a loggersdaughter. I doubt those are one word, but in my world it is. My dad was raised by a family that worked outside and ran their own company for as long as he could remember. When my dad was fresh out of high school/ right before he married my mom, he and his father started up a logging company with my dad's brother. They worked really hard to keep the company running and did really well for themselves. My grandpa was killed in '91 in a logging accident and my dad and his brother branched out to make their own companies.
     My father worked so hard to make a living, and do everything in his power to give a life that he wanted. I remember going on road-trips with my mom to visit my dad when he worked out of town, and the employee's coming to pick up their checks. I remember the company Christmas parties and BBQ's that we used to have. My dad was such an amazing logger that a large company sent he and my mom to Australia for a month, to teach companies over there to run large pieces of equipment.
     My dad was in magazines and had newspaper articles written about him. In 2000, he ended up selling the bussiness to another larger company and going to work for that person. He still works there, but I know that he misses having his own company. He works long hours, and I love the days that he needs someone to help and either J or I go with him to work.
       Justin was right out of high school when we got together, he wasn't sure of what he wanted to do with his life, but he knew that he wanted to be outdoors, and one day while looking in the newspaper, there was a logging job. He had a little experience from being around people and helping them cut firewood and do other things, and he got the job. He has worked for a few different companies. He is currently working for a company out of Salem.
     Last night was a strange feeling, excitement, nervousness, lots of different things flying around. :) J got his boots all ready, his rain gear, a sweatshirt, and his old work clothes that have been packed away for at least 6 months. :) I tried taking pictures, but all I got were dirty looks, apparently making a sandwhich for your lunch is not photo worthy. :) Whatev.
     So, this morning at 3:45 in the MORNING [!!!] the alarm went off, I got all my stuff together and poured myself into the car, Mr. Talkative got a few one word answers out of me. :) He dropped me off at my mom's around 4 something and I went back to sleep. I could have cleared out my parents entire house, front door unlocked, not a person/dog stirred..I just went and climbed into the first empty bed I found, as there were kids randomly placed through out the house. Lol. :) Woke up at 6:20 and got ready and at 7 something had Emeli bring me to work, where I am currently drinking coffee that is well..almost cold. [UHH! WHATEV. I just walked down, mid-blog post and filled up my coffee, brought it back to my desk and then the lid popped off and spilled coffee on my keyboard. My keyboard already hates me & only works sooometimes. So I had to get one of those air-blowing things and blow out all the coffee.]

My dad. He runs a Feller-Buncher.
A Carriage, it is hung from heavy
wire that drags the logs to the landing
where they are bucked and loaded
onto log trucks. :)
Two Loaders.
Logs getting loaded onto a truck.
A log-loader. :)
Again, My dad. :)