Tuesday, March 2, 2010

memories in music ♥

I found this over at one of my
newest favorite blogs; Random..Memories
check check checcck her out. :)
tHeE dAy I wAs BoRn.
Holding back the years; Simply Red.
mY 16th BiRtHdAy
Hot in here; Nelly
My 21st bIrThDaY
Umbrella; Rihanna
HiGh ScHoOl GrAduAtIoN
Burn; Usher
mY wEdDiNg DaY
I gotta feeling; Black eyed peas
kinda cool.
you should check
it outtttt. ♥♥♥

1 comment:

  1. day I was born..Do ya think I'm sexy, Rod Stewart!!!! Loveing it..perfect fit

    16th Birthday..Creepy TLC

    21st Birthday..I knew I loved you..Savage Garden

    Wedding DAy..I Believe...Fantasic (Love the believe part!!)


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