Thursday, March 18, 2010

grumpy gills.

As Justin would say; "You're being a grumpy gills". I do not know what a gill is..
but I am assuming that it is, not something nice. lol.
I decided to write some letters see if I
couldn't clear this jumbled mess that is in my head..
xo, shelby
Dear Little Red Car,
You are such a trooper, and
I know that it probablly really hurt when
the other car smashed into you, because
it's driver was an idiot and didn't look
before pulling out onto the road way.
I am doing everything in my power to
fix you as soon as possible.
I love you, and please keep running
as smoothly as you have been
until I can afford to buy you a new
brother or sister. It's not that I want
to replace you, I fully intend to keep you
around, I just want to give you a rest.
Thanks for being awesome-
♥ your loyal driver.
Dear People at work;
Sorry for being such an
asshole lately. I am stressed.
I don't have an outlet for it.
I am working on my attitude.
♥ The grumpy girl in the Lab.
Dear Ellie ♥
I get that I work all the time.
I understand that you miss me.
I know that I need to spend more
time with you when I get home,
and that is the only reason that you
are constantly under my feet from
the moment I walk in the door to
the moment we head to bed. I am
going to work on not telling you to
get out of my way, and telling you
to get out of the kitchen. I have this
weekend off & I fully plan on taking you
and your brothers to the beach & not
doing anything but spending time at
home and with you and your two
♥ your mom & snuggle partner.
Dear Coffee;
Thank you for the lift.
You tasted really good.
Even after you burnt my
t o n g u e.
♥ your follower.
Dear Justi-wusti,
I love you. I love you more
than I let on..I just am starting
to have a mild meltdown with
you not working. It has been
sooo long. And I hate coming
home and feeling jealous that
you just got to hang out all
day with the dogs, vegging out.
Cooking dinner & getting to watch
movies and tv. I will work on
being a nicer person. I promise.
♥ your wife, that really
loves your cooking.
Dear Sisters;
Oh how I miss getting to
spend time with you girls.
I get that you don't care for
my husband, but couldn't you
honestly put your thoughts and
feelings to the side, long enough
for us to go to dinner, or a movie
or anywhere, and not have to talk
about your hatred for him?
It makes me not want to be around
you guys. And I know that it is
not all the time, but it is enough
of the time, that it pisses me off.
Please just treat me as
your sister and not a stranger.
♥ mom & emeli's favorite. :)
Dear Self;
Mellow the F out!
Life is stressful.
It's always been stressful.
It will always be stressful.
Get over it. Let go. Relax.
Smile, because you really
do have a pretty face, and
people talk to you when you
smile at them. So show off
those pearly whites, [that you
spend a ridiculous amount of
money on toothpaste, to maintain
the whiteness & if your not going
to smile- I am going to quit buying
the expensive stuff.]
You're beautiful.
♥ Yourself.
My lovely followers & people that comment;
I love you. Thank you for all the advice,
and kind words to me. You are awesome
& I love reading your blogs. I try to comment
as much as possible, I just sometimes slack.
You are all beautiful talented women.
♥ me.

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