Tuesday, March 30, 2010

questions answered..

So I just found this blog & I am pretty much loving it. :) I decided to answer her questions, because well--I wanted to. :)

1. what book are you reading? currently.. the partner by john grisham. But I lost it, and I cannot seem to find it anywhere. And I have like a 1/4 of an inch, until I finish the book.

2. where do you wish you could be right now?  Playing outside in the sunshine- if there was any to play in. :)

3. what does your mousepad look like? i don't have one. it's a whole thing my keyboard & mouse sits on. :)

4. if you wanted to and you could quit your job without consequence. what would you say? Thank you for the oppurtunity to work with you. But J and I have decided to start a family.

5. how will you make your dreams come true? Keeping the path that J and I are on, working hard, being in love. :) 

6. Favorite Halloween costume ever? well, I do not even remember. I once was a motocycle rider. lol. :) With big hair & a lots of make up @ 8, and the halloween before Justin and I got together, I was a sexy logger- 60lbs ago- cut off shorts, a hickery shirt, supenders, boots, and pig tales. Justin said that's the night he fell in love, lol.

7. Favorite song from back in the day?  carrying your love with me, george straight.

8. one thing you could change about you? how snoopy i am. i just wish i didn't care at all.. but sometimes it gets the best of me.

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  1. so glad you liked the questions. i was not feeling that motivated this am but it worked out. liking yout blog too!


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