Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I am going to be starting a new blog;

I have fallen head-over-heals IN LOVE(!!!!) with food blogging. I have two very very very favorite new sites, that I cannot live one day without.

Numero Uno; http://steamykitchen.com/

Numero Dos; http://thepioneerwoman.com/

They are both amazing cooks, and have thee best picture essay's to go with the recipe. Also after watching Julie and Julia.. I have decided I can do that. I need to get a new camera..that is for sure. But after that, I fully intend to make yummy yummy food and blog about it. First and formost.. I am going to post one of my favorite favorite recipes. One that I learned from my mom and she got it from her mom. Bacon wraps; mmmmmmamazing. :]

Grandma Shrock's Bacon Wraps
Cook time: 45 minutes

Things you will need; thin sliced bacon, whole water chestnuts, brown sugar, ketchup, tooth picks.

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees

2. Slice the bacon in half, so that you have about 3-4 inches of bacon to work with. Put whole water chestnut at the top of one end and roll into the bacon. Secure with a toothpick and set aside in bake dish. Repeat- One package of bacon usually uses 2 cans of water chestnuts.

3. Cook the bacon wraps for about 30 minutes, until the bacon looks almost fully cooked. While bacon wraps are cooking, in a medium sized mixing bowl mix together equal parts brown sugar and ketchup. Should be enough to coat the amount of bacon wraps you made.

4. Once bacon wraps look almost done, pour sauce over wraps and put back in oven. Cook another 15 minutes until sauce is bubbling. Let cool and enjoy.

* I gave this recipe to a friend and she asked me what I did with the left overs, and how long they lasted.. I didn't have the answer because they are always the first things to go and we never have any left over. :]

I will make these soon, and put up pictures when I do. If anyone makes them, please let me know how you likes them. :]


Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Merry Merry Christmas. <3

What an amazing day that we had today.

I worked last night til 9:00, which was nice to be off before ten-eleven at night. We ended up going by my sister's to check on her after her surgery yesterday. We went home and watched the movie that Emeli got for me. Save the last dance.. I am sooo happy that I finally got the movie. I love it. I have wanted it for so long, and had not been able to find it anywhere to buy it. So J and I watched that and went to bed around 1 something.

We woke up around 11, and got ready for Milly's.. Stopped by Starbuck's, bought some last minute gifts. And then headed that way. It was so fun to watch all the kids open their presents and I got some really awesome presents. I loved all of the things that I got. Christmas has been amazing.

And nowwww.. I am at work. Soon I shall be off and then I am going to go back to Mil's and hang out, and go shoppppping tomorrow. :]

Friday, December 4, 2009

100 posts; whattt?!

I have decided to write a list of 100 things; Things I love, places, pictures, wants, needs, quotes, people, memories...anything and everything shelby..

enjoy; sh.

1. Blogging; I loveeee blogging. I love being able to write anything that I need to get off my chest. I love reading other peoples views, and thoughts. I love that I can get a picture into someone's life..and they don't even know that I was there.

2. My Grandma S.- She reads my blog. I am not sure how often she does, cause she is kinda a busy lady..but she used to. I was amazed at my wedding shower when she knew more about me than my does. Which is awesome, since she and I have never really been that close, except for the last year, she and I have become closer. She did such an amazing job raising my mother and her sisters and brother. They are all solid women, and that is in large part of my grandma.

3. Katie; My beautiful cousin who started me blogging. :] She will soon be back from six months oversea's. I am so excited for her to be blogging again, and to see all of her pictures.

4. My Great-Grandma Ber; She is funny, and fiesty, and crazy. She is strong, and beautiful. She is quick witted, she is a mother, sister, aunt, grandma, great-grandma. She is one of the reason's I am the person I am today.

5. The sunrise; driving to work- this was what I got to see. I love knowing that each morning is a fresh day, untouched by anything wrong.

6. The sunset; While hunting with J, I snapped this picture. I love watching the sunset with him.

7. My family; Dad, Mum, Beauty Queen, Basketball, Daredevil.

8. dad; My dad..how can I even begin to explain all that he has done for my family. He is such a strong person, and hardworking. He works as many hours as possible, and goes out of his way to help anyone that needs it. He always has something funny to say.

9. mum; Mum..Sharon as the daredevil would call her; She's beautiful and graceful. Gracious. Giving. Gifted. She's hardworking. i cannot put a number on the times that my mom has been there for me when I needed someone to be there for me.

10. beauty-queen; One of my best friends. She is always up for a random trip to the beach, or Mexican food on a friday night. She is beautiful and kind. She is strong-willed, and honest. She would go to the moon and back if you asked her to.

11. basketball; KK..the one person is our family that will be famous. She is an inspiration to me. She set out to play college basketball and she is. She has the prettiest blond hair, the color that I dream of, I would love to not have to color my hair, and have it naturally that color.

12. daredevil; the littlest k. Oh how that girl is giving every last effort to have an amazing wild and crazy life. She is gorgeous, and smart. She is someone you want to be friends with, and someone you want to have around. She is up for any adventure..getting mudding, riding motorcycles, coast trips, anything fun.
13. This coat; because I am totally and fully in love with it.

14. My G-unit; She's AWESOME. AWESOME AWESOME. I looove my grandma, she is probablly the coolest person I have ever met. I love our coffee dates, and all of the fun trips that we've gone on. I love that we share the same likes and dislikes. And that she is always there for me whenever I need her, or her couch to crash out on, or a cup of coffee when I read my schedule wrong. There are so many things that I could say about my grandma..but I just don't think everyone would want to read the novel. :] hehe. I loooove her.

15. This picture frame.I love it. It's from Kohl's. I have the perfect set of pictures that would look amazing in it. *christmas wishlist.

16. A horse riding/clothing story; So when I was about 17, I was a pretty avid horse person. I rode pretty much every day, and was pretty much on the level of hick. I had just bought this adorble tank top button up shirt for like $50 bucks [I know..my mom almost killed me. But I had a job..and I paid for it myself] So the third time I wore it..[yes..third time], I was riding a horse at my grandma's. There was someone there to look at the horse or to watch me ride or something..and once I was done being a badass horse person, I went to dismount..my shirt was untucked..it caught on the saddle horn right as I jumped. Yep.. Shirt ripped..clean off. Me standing in all my glory in just a bra and a ripped up shirt. I just said- "Well that was graceful.." Everyone watching [4-6 people] started dying of laughter- one of thee most embarassing moments in my life.

17. warm.fuzzy.boots.rock.my.socks.off

18. Milly; Justin's sister. My sister in-law. I love her. I could not imagine my life without her in it. She has made life so much fun in these last couple months. She has opened my eyes in so many ways, and I know that I will never be able to thank her for all the things big and small that she says or does for Justin and I. She truely is a blessing.

19. My cell phone. Oh how I love my cell phone.

20. Loggers daughter; Enough said.

21. My wedding day; August 8th, 2009. It was beautiful and fun.

22. Hunting. I love hunting. I have never killed anything..other than a skunk. But it really is a good time riding around with Justin, or hunting with my dad.

23. friends; kd & ac. my two closest girls. i love them.
24. dutch bros; coffee from the gods; totally and fully absolute goodness.

25. laughing
26. taking pictures ; I love taking pictures of anything and everything.
27. dinner dates; I have amazing wonderful group of friends, that get together pretty regularly for dinner dates.

28. coffee dates with justin; it's our "bootcall" for married people- a text.."wanna meet up?".."yeah..11:30 work?".."yep..meet me at starbucks." lol. :]

29. movies [any movie.]; J and I are movie addicts. We always rent movies, go to the movies.

30. hair bobbers; they make me feel young.

31. inside jokes; middle school && high school conversations.

32. the beach [the randomer the better. && walking on the beach]

33. bumpin to music [loud, windows down, sunglasses on, hair blowin music]

34. my dogs; [ellie, tucker && jake. the three bestest dogs in the word.]
35. makin new friends



38. weiner dogs

39. sappy love songs

40. swoopy bangs

41. flip flops year round; yes- i am crazy. crazy crazy. I wear flip flops YEAR ROUND.

41. Cold Play, Switchfoot, Theory of a Deadman, Yellowcard, and Adele.

42. permanent markers

43. sushi

44. getting my nails done

45. snow trips

being an aunt.[g,c,a,s,m]

47. the looks i get from Justin; the looks of sometimes confusion..happiness, hope, love.

48. My birthday. July 8th

Making people laugh.


51. Kissing. [forehead. mouth. arm. cheek.

52. Portland.

53. High heels.

54. Lipgloss.


Straight hair.

57. Swimming.


59. Hoodies.

60. Christmas lights. [ I have every intention of driving around in the eugene-area to look at all the christmas lights that are up. There are some people that you have to pay a small fee to go look at them, because their power bill is so high.

61. Coloring; Christina and I have the best time coloring. She is amazing.

62. Talks with my mom.

63. Saturday nights.

64. Dressing up.

65. cooking.[ I would really like to have a cooking blog. I am a pretty good cook, and I love trying new recipes. And cookbooks are my latest addiction.]

66. My job; My job makes me truely happy. I love that it is an escape from reality. That I work with such amazing people, and that I never have a bad day at work. I love knowing my job and being good at it. I like being considered for projects and doing a good job on them.

67. ferry rides; they remind me of seattle; seattle is a dirty dirty little secret of mine. I am one-hundred and ten percent in love with seattle. I have every intention of having an affair with seattle. It is beautiful, full of life, giving, recieving, amazing, breathtaking. When I think of seattle; my mind calms. I cannot wait to move there, not that I have any set date when I will be living there, but one day..I will shop for dinner at Pike's market, grabbing fresh vegetables and fruits, and getting fresh seafood from the market, and a beautiful bunch of flowers to take home, sitting in an adorable appartment. The idea of seattle is like a secret life to me. A walk away plan. Worker-bee by day and someone completely different than I am now. Seattle; you are my everything.

68. old suitcases; I should have been born in Paris, around the the 1950-60. I would love to have been one of the rich, women. Such as Julia Child's.. :]

69. chocolate cake; When I was a junior in highschool, I went on a school trip to Kentucky, we were visiting the stonewall, somewhere in Georgia; And we visited stone mountain---

While visiting the park, they had a little cafe and I had thee biggest, most delicious chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. I was seriously in heaven, then about 1/2 way done with the piece of cake- DOWNPOUR..EXTREME DOWNDOUR, resulting in me and our group- running for cover && me dropping my cake on the ground. *tear*

70. black pens; I don't use blue or anyother color. Black & only black.

71. laundry lines; My parents have a laundry line at their house, my mom tries to hang clothes out there year round. During the summer she always has an american flag towel hanging toward the road.My parents have an amazing piece of property. I love it. It is my mom's dream house. We used to drive past it, before we bought it, and my mom would say " I am going to live here one day."

72. foreign languages; I really need to take spanish for Healthcare- It would help me advance so much in my career.

73. peppermint soap; mm. i.cannot.even.explain.my.love.for.peppermint.soap.

74. bicycles; I would really like a bike. One of the old fashioned ones, not that I have anywhere to ride it. But I imagine myself going to a lake house, or beach house to spend the summer and biking around the town. Then sitting out on the piers..fishing, or on the back porch writing a book, or blogging. Watching our grandkids playing in the sand, or even our kids.

75. art museums; people creations are addictive. I wonder where it all comes from, where the idea comes from or how one thing inspires you to do something totally different.

76. road trips; My family used to be pretty hardcore road trippers; Like 14 kids- 2 adults, two weeks of driving all over. Yes, two woman..two vehichles..14 kids..5-teenager. It really was a
joyous event. We did Disneyland more than once, and "The Colorado Trip", Canada [where my mom had to leave her gun at the border. :) which always makes me smile..especially if you know my mom.] J and I road trip quite often..our honeymoon was a pretty awesome roadtrip.

77. crazy quilts; My mom has some of thee most amazing quilts. I love the idea of it. Also..my aunt Nicki..used to/still does belong to this club where people would send you quilt pieces..and you send them one. So you get like 50 [or how ever many people are in your group] pieces to make this quilt. That's AWESOME. I am artistcally challenged, so that whole making a quilt..probablly wouldn't work out that well for me.

78. polka dots; :]

79. open fields; My parents own- 15 acres of wonderful openess. I love it. Loooove it. When I was younger it was the field of many adventures; flashlight tag, hide and go seek in the dark, riding horses, riding 4-wheelers, eating pears. [Speaking of riding horses; One time..I was out riding my horse Jackie and there was quite a bit of water in the field, so we came to this one spot that was pretty deep and I asked her to walk through it, she wouldn't..so I pushed a little harder, she decided jumping it would be way easier. My first and only time jumping..really I do not understand how those "crazies" jump 8 feet..on the back of a horse. I know. I know. I am a wimp. :]

80. postcards; I love getting them. I sent out postcards from our honeymoon from different points in the trip. It was a nice little trip for my grandma ber to have something from. :]

81. attic bedrooms; I would love to have an attic bedroom. I think they are pretty awesome.

82. turquoise rings; turquoise is becoming one of my favorite things to wear.

83. daisies; daisies are so innocent. When I was in middle school, one of my first boyfriends..sent me daisies..to my house on Valentine's day. It pretty much made my life. :]

84. clover honey- on warm bisquits.

85. silly straws.

86. bare feet

87. birthday candles; 24 this year. I havn't had a birthday cake in years. Heck I havn't even had a birthday party in years. People don't even really call anymore.Justin always gets me something thoughtful. My Grandma S sends me a birthday card every year [which are always the best.] My G-Unit usually takes me to lunch..and my mom calls.. but other than that..Nothing really. Kinda sad. Actually.

88. tire swings; My parents have one, on the maple tree in the front yard.

89. sugar scrubs; I always feel so much lighter.

90. henna tattoos; saturday market. time with sisters. fresh fruit salad. flowers in bloom- those are all things that come to mind when I think of henna. I love the feel of it when it first goes on. Oh how I miss being young. I miss being someone that my sisters needed in their lives. Back when every decision I made for myself wasn't something that they didn't agree with. I am so tired of having to choose between my life and the life that people want me to live.

91. ocean waves; crashing on the beach- We went to the coast for the weekend a couple years ago with another couple. And on our way back from dinner there was a huge storm and it started to hail. The next morning while walking the beach, there was a purple foam all over. It was so crazy.

92. bubble wands; Delight Valley always did a huge end of year party when I was in elementary school and they had some of the biggest bubble makers there.

93. cornbread; with honey butter. I crave cornbread and chili at the randomess times. :]

94. I used to love Christmas..We used to go to the grange [for my mom's mom [rip-gg] said of the family.], my grandpa curtis's house [rip- my mom's dad], my aunt susan's [my dad's aunt on his dad's side.], and my grandma pat's [my dad's mom.] and then Justin's sisters. All in a matter of two days. There has been so much drama the last two years that, last year Justin wasn't at my family's events and there was only two to go to. And dinner with Justin's family was awkward. This year..I have been told by my lovely sisters that Justin is not welcome at any of the family events. They are so hurtful. So so so, hurtful. They think that by telling me to do one thing, that I will just do it, because they said so. I never asked for their advice when everything happened between J and I..I asked for their support and because he and I have decided to go to counseling and see where it leads us, they are against us, and saying that I am pushing them away. I will never understand that. They are okay with telling people in the family what a bad guy J is. And making me be the outsider. Talking about it as much as possible. The best part is that they go to church, and preach and "live the christian life".. well LAST TIME I CHECKED- THE ONLY ONE TO JUDGE- WAS THE LORD HIMSELF. So, ladies..go read the bible. eh?

95. super heroes; When I was a nanny, the little boy that I watched looved super heroes. He would dress up as batman, superman, spider man, all of the different ones. I love the innocence of playing super heroes. I would like to just dress up as something and become someone else.

96. pink flamingos;
97. a child's innocence; I say it over and over again. But I love it. I love the things they say, the questioning looks. Everything about it.

98. roller coasters; I am such an adrenalin person. I love fast, high, toppsey turvey. FUUUN.

december 10th; one of the happiest and saddest days of my life. The day that Justin asked me to be his for the rest of his life. The day that I became his girfriend, and the day that I knew that my life would never be the same, and that I had found the one person that I would be with for the rest of my life. I truely do love Justin, even if sometimes I don't show it to him the way that I should. And saddest; One of my best friends passed away. Dallas; He was such an amazing person. So strong and funny. He was smart. He had so much going for him, and he was just sad. I am sad that I wasn't able to do more for him. I had just talked to him..and then I got the call. The hardest call I have ever taken in my life. It doesn't seem real to me that it has been a year since he left us.
100. and last but not least; thanks. If you made it this far, then THANK YOU. Thanks for reading all of my thoughts, hopes, loves, dislikes.
sh. <3

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

moving forward with counseling.

I know that many many many people have opinions on what I should or should not do with my marriage. And I appreciate the advice, but I am going to what I feel is best for me. I am not saying that J and I will be married this time next year, but this time next year I will either be in a happy and healthy relationship or I will be divorced and experiencing closure. I am not going to counseling to save my marriage. I am going to heal the wounds and to get clossure from the events that have traumatized me. I know that I am not okay with being cheated on, I am not okay with J lying to me. I am not okay with him not working. But also I am NOT ready to walk away flames blowing and word spitting telling him how much I hate him. I want to end on terms that allow us both to move on.

We have agreed that, that is the path that we will take. Monday went really well. I loved talking to the lady and he also had an equally rewards experience with his lady.

I will keep you all updated.