Tuesday, December 1, 2009

moving forward with counseling.

I know that many many many people have opinions on what I should or should not do with my marriage. And I appreciate the advice, but I am going to what I feel is best for me. I am not saying that J and I will be married this time next year, but this time next year I will either be in a happy and healthy relationship or I will be divorced and experiencing closure. I am not going to counseling to save my marriage. I am going to heal the wounds and to get clossure from the events that have traumatized me. I know that I am not okay with being cheated on, I am not okay with J lying to me. I am not okay with him not working. But also I am NOT ready to walk away flames blowing and word spitting telling him how much I hate him. I want to end on terms that allow us both to move on.

We have agreed that, that is the path that we will take. Monday went really well. I loved talking to the lady and he also had an equally rewards experience with his lady.

I will keep you all updated.


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