Friday, September 18, 2009


I just wanted to let everyone know that my blog is going to be under construction for a bit. I am going to make my blog annoymous.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I am blessed.

Three little words;

Who knew that those words would be the words that have been keeping me sane the last couple weeks..or months..or really how ever long it's been since I started saying them. I don't remember the first time I uttered the words. But after a while they became a fixture in my life, I catch myself saying them once a day, sometimes five, sometimes when things are really going haywire, I say them three or four times a minute. :]

I know that my life could be somewhere else, that it could have gone down a different path, so many times. That I could have chose so many different lives to live, and I do enjoy my life. There are just so many times where stress is getting the best of me. I am a little more snappy with my husband than I should be. I am a little more snappy with most people. But the thing is..I work. Hard. I know I know. I sit at a desk, but I have been working 10-12 hours days, two different jobs, being a pleasent person all day long, and I come home, and I am still TIRED.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

chai tea && a cheese bagel; wishing I were @ home.

sore throat. headache. runny nose. stuffed up head. body aches. abdomenal pain.

last night when i went to sleep my throat was starting to hurt && a couple hours into the night, my nose was dripping. yesss dripping. so i got up, went to the bathroom, grabbed a whole roll of tissues out, and proceeded to stuff my nose with tissue for the rest of the night.

me being sick is one of j's favorite times. i literally spend my entire sickness laying in bed, not eating, not drinking, not doing anything but sleeping with tissue stuffed up my nose. he really enjoys taking pictures also, which i always am oblivious to.

last year i spent most of the winter, every single month, with just a few weeks off from being sick. and they all started to same exact way, sore throat, then runny nose, congested, and by the end i am coughing until i cannot breathe. i am really hoping that it is just a 24 hour thing, and that tomorrow i will wake up and it will all be gone.

now i am kinda kicking myself for buying the cheese bagel, cause 1. it hurts my throat. 2. it doesn't taste very good. 3. it only has two bites out of it now.

buuuuutt.. J should be home by friday, which I am way excited about & I got an email about a job position that is open in the er. I am beyond excited. I would love to get the position, I emailed back to my manager, and I am so hopeful that I get it. :] Maybe she would give it to another gal, and then that peoson would open another position that I would love to work. :}

keep your fingers crossed. :]

Saturday, September 5, 2009

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the love of my life. [some picture of J.]

My husband.:]
Thee love of my life.
Was sitting at work, and
started going through my phone.
And found some cute ones. :]
He's adorable.
we're both totally watching the road. hehe. :]
shooting his bow. :]

more shooting.
hehe. loooove the flip flops.

biggg fish.

not watching the road. hehe

i cannot believe that he and i
have been married almost
one whole month. it does
not seem like it was almost
a month ago, that we were
planning our wedding, and
all of the stress and drama
that went on, before and during.
i am so glad that he and i
worked through all of our
issues && that we came out
ahead && stronger.
he is such an amazing husband.
i sometimes have to remind myself
that he is human and to cut him some
slack. but most of the time he is a
good guy. and i love him to the moon
and back. twice. three times.
okay. a trillion times.

Friday, September 4, 2009


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Happy Belated Birthday Husband. <3

I had a whole list of 22-things that I loooove about my husband. Cute memories, and wishes, and a few other things, but I have not had the time at home to get it on here, and I had the last two days off, and when I came to work today- I forgot it at home. So booo me. :]
Today is going to be such a long day of work; Especially since I really need/want to spend time with Justin. On Monday, he leaves for two weeks. I really don't want him to go, but it's not like he's going hunting or to somewhere fun. So I guess that makes it easier. He leaves the 7 and won't be back til the 21. :[ I may be a wreck when he finally comes home. I did not do well at all when he was just gone for 6 days. But hopefully it all goes as planned and he is back home by the 21 or sooner. I am shooting for sooner, but preparing for later.
Here's a little peak into my day today;
5:00 am; Wake up && take a shower
5:17 am; out of the shower && back in bed with my husband.
6:15 am; alarm goes off again && get ready for work
6:40am: Justin and I to work, him to hunt.
7:00am; work @ the hospital.
**future speak.** [since we're only at 7:39am.] :]
12:45pm; off work..go to grandma's or to cash my check and run around town trying to get id.
4:15pm; back to work
9:30pm; off work.
3:00am: back to work
7:15am; off work.
ohhhhh by goly. I am going to be tirrrred tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy September. <3

Oh, how I love the fall. I love to watch the leaves change colors, and the fact that hunting season is here. I love getting to wear sweaters again, and cute boots over my jeans, I love waking up to the mist in the morning, and seeing deer in the front yard. I love that everything smells crisp.

September is also Justin's birthday month, and I loooove Justin's birthday. He will be 22 on Wednesday, and he comes home from hunting tomorrow. Which I am beyond excited about. I hate that I havn't talked to him for over five minutes in 6 long days. It really does not suit me to be away from him.

Today has been one of the harder days, I am tired of not having someone to go home to. And the house being so quiet. When I got off work today, I am going to EUGENEEE. Going to browse for some cute new undies [i got a free coupon good today only for 2 free pairs of panties. woot woot.] And I am going to try and find something to get for Justin's birthday. I am totally at a lose for what to get the person that buys whatever he wants for himself. Hmmmm. I will figure something out. :]

Hmm 41 minutes; wooo hooo. :]