Wednesday, September 9, 2009

chai tea && a cheese bagel; wishing I were @ home.

sore throat. headache. runny nose. stuffed up head. body aches. abdomenal pain.

last night when i went to sleep my throat was starting to hurt && a couple hours into the night, my nose was dripping. yesss dripping. so i got up, went to the bathroom, grabbed a whole roll of tissues out, and proceeded to stuff my nose with tissue for the rest of the night.

me being sick is one of j's favorite times. i literally spend my entire sickness laying in bed, not eating, not drinking, not doing anything but sleeping with tissue stuffed up my nose. he really enjoys taking pictures also, which i always am oblivious to.

last year i spent most of the winter, every single month, with just a few weeks off from being sick. and they all started to same exact way, sore throat, then runny nose, congested, and by the end i am coughing until i cannot breathe. i am really hoping that it is just a 24 hour thing, and that tomorrow i will wake up and it will all be gone.

now i am kinda kicking myself for buying the cheese bagel, cause 1. it hurts my throat. 2. it doesn't taste very good. 3. it only has two bites out of it now.

buuuuutt.. J should be home by friday, which I am way excited about & I got an email about a job position that is open in the er. I am beyond excited. I would love to get the position, I emailed back to my manager, and I am so hopeful that I get it. :] Maybe she would give it to another gal, and then that peoson would open another position that I would love to work. :}

keep your fingers crossed. :]

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