Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday Husband. <3

I had a whole list of 22-things that I loooove about my husband. Cute memories, and wishes, and a few other things, but I have not had the time at home to get it on here, and I had the last two days off, and when I came to work today- I forgot it at home. So booo me. :]
Today is going to be such a long day of work; Especially since I really need/want to spend time with Justin. On Monday, he leaves for two weeks. I really don't want him to go, but it's not like he's going hunting or to somewhere fun. So I guess that makes it easier. He leaves the 7 and won't be back til the 21. :[ I may be a wreck when he finally comes home. I did not do well at all when he was just gone for 6 days. But hopefully it all goes as planned and he is back home by the 21 or sooner. I am shooting for sooner, but preparing for later.
Here's a little peak into my day today;
5:00 am; Wake up && take a shower
5:17 am; out of the shower && back in bed with my husband.
6:15 am; alarm goes off again && get ready for work
6:40am: Justin and I to work, him to hunt.
7:00am; work @ the hospital.
**future speak.** [since we're only at 7:39am.] :]
12:45pm; off work..go to grandma's or to cash my check and run around town trying to get id.
4:15pm; back to work
9:30pm; off work.
3:00am: back to work
7:15am; off work.
ohhhhh by goly. I am going to be tirrrred tomorrow.

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