Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy September. <3

Oh, how I love the fall. I love to watch the leaves change colors, and the fact that hunting season is here. I love getting to wear sweaters again, and cute boots over my jeans, I love waking up to the mist in the morning, and seeing deer in the front yard. I love that everything smells crisp.

September is also Justin's birthday month, and I loooove Justin's birthday. He will be 22 on Wednesday, and he comes home from hunting tomorrow. Which I am beyond excited about. I hate that I havn't talked to him for over five minutes in 6 long days. It really does not suit me to be away from him.

Today has been one of the harder days, I am tired of not having someone to go home to. And the house being so quiet. When I got off work today, I am going to EUGENEEE. Going to browse for some cute new undies [i got a free coupon good today only for 2 free pairs of panties. woot woot.] And I am going to try and find something to get for Justin's birthday. I am totally at a lose for what to get the person that buys whatever he wants for himself. Hmmmm. I will figure something out. :]

Hmm 41 minutes; wooo hooo. :]

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