Saturday, September 5, 2009

the love of my life. [some picture of J.]

My husband.:]
Thee love of my life.
Was sitting at work, and
started going through my phone.
And found some cute ones. :]
He's adorable.
we're both totally watching the road. hehe. :]
shooting his bow. :]

more shooting.
hehe. loooove the flip flops.

biggg fish.

not watching the road. hehe

i cannot believe that he and i
have been married almost
one whole month. it does
not seem like it was almost
a month ago, that we were
planning our wedding, and
all of the stress and drama
that went on, before and during.
i am so glad that he and i
worked through all of our
issues && that we came out
ahead && stronger.
he is such an amazing husband.
i sometimes have to remind myself
that he is human and to cut him some
slack. but most of the time he is a
good guy. and i love him to the moon
and back. twice. three times.
okay. a trillion times.

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