Wednesday, March 17, 2010

anything that could go wrong..went wrong.

Yesterday was pretty close to a day in possible. The day started out pretty good. I got up on time, took a shower, got ready, kissed the hubby, told the dogs good-bye and headed to town, day-dreaming of coffee.

Then, some not so smart person, pulled out in front of me, didn't even stop to look, and hit me. My car has minor damage, which is very irritating to me, considering getting a new car, is not in the cards right now. Hopefully the insurance will cover it, since he is at fault.

I called into work, and they told me to take the day off, I went home & went back to sleep. When I re-woke up I went to call the insurance & the phone had been disconnected. I went back through the stack of paid vs. non paid and tucked back behind some envelopes was the phone bill. Apparently I hadn't gotten to it. And pay day is on Friday, Grr. Darn me. :( I just paid it today, so it will be turned back on in a couple hours. I do not know how I spaced it..but I did.

Thennnnnn- I got the mail. I had a school bill that I have been making the minimum payment on, because I didn't want to deal with it really, and it wasn't that high on my list to pay off. WELL- that will teach me.. My state taxes that I have been waiting on soo impatiently for..were given to the school to pay off my bill. Nice. Really Nice. I guess that is one bill I can check off..but I would have liked to have had the option to not have my WHOLE state tax go toward one bill.

Needless to say I was grouchy yesterday, I went into town and did all the insurance stuff, got a quote on how much it will be to fix my car, went to the ER to get my shoulder looked at and then the BEST PART OF THE WHOOOOLE DAY!!!

WE HAD DINNER WITH A&A. It was awesome. She made the yummiest potato salad--in. the. whole. world. :) And I made bbq chicken sandwhiches [that needed a little more bbq sauce.] :) But it was so nice to actually spend some time with that crazy bestie of mine.

Ohh & Monday; I had the day off. I will post pictures of now.


  1. Yikes...that is a bad day! I hope today is going better & your shoulder is feeling okay!

  2. Sorry you had such a bad day, I hope everything works out!


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