Wednesday, March 3, 2010

so..i went a little crazy.. ♥

I will be the first to admit-- I have a problem. I am hooked on shopping. I just spent a little over a hundred on clothes online- but I did search the internet for 15% codes & $10 off coupons, so instead of spending close to $150, I spend 103.00. Yay Me! && I bought J some shorts for summer. Here is what I got. :)


{tanks from oldnavy.}

I live for tank tops, I wear them under cardigan sweaters, with jeans, or scrubs, or skirts, really anything. I love them, I already have two in white & black, but I wear them all the time, and they are on sale, so why not buy multiple colors if you know it fits & you love it.

Also; could I please [& thank you] get some help-- I love this..but I am bigger & I have no idea on how to wear it.

Alrighty. I am so wishing I wear able to go home right now; I have had some of thee crappiest people come into work & I am about 3.5 seconds away from smacking theshit outta someone! And I am also a little bit upset with those people because I walked right up to the visitor desk, grabbed 4 mini candy bars & went to the vending machine for a Mountain Dew. I had been really good on my DIET.. but bahhhhhh. Okay, I am off work in 15, see you all tomorrow. :)


  1. I too have an online shopping problem. It's even worse cuz I have no job hahahaha oh well!

  2. thanks for becoming a follower! I am always looking for great ones to follow... and your blog is, great ;)

    BTW, where in the world did you get those adorable tank tops. I also LIVE in them, I just bought 10 of the same tanks at target. I <3 them.



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