Friday, March 5, 2010

outside my window. ♥

Outside my window..a parking lot filled with cars..& sunshine.
The time is..1:20pm, just a few more hours of work & then I am offff.
Today I feel..disapointed that I didn't get to hang out with friends & that J was a jerk.
I am thinking..of a carmel latte, that doesn't taste burnt, mine this morning sucked & I ended up throwing half of it away.
At the moment,I am ready for a new car. We are going car/truck hunting this Saturday and I cannot wait, I hope that we are able to find something soon.
I am have dinner at my best friends house tonight, and hopefully enjoy a bottle of wine & good friends.
I am wearing..jeans, ugg boots, a white and gray striped tank and a gray sweater, with my hair down and curled.
I wish..J were working full time & that we could start a family.
I am reading..this survery. I have a book at home, that I have been trying to read for months, I am nearly there. :)
I am working on..being more forgiving. Although if the girl that I hate adds me of facebook one more time I am liable to kick her teeth in.
I am hearing..people talking & the tv. The ER is busy.
Around the house..there are pictures of J and I, my sisters and I, my parents, our wedding & the dogs.
One of my favorite..quotes is "life is choices"

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  1. You are too sweet! :) thx! your new header!!!

  2. being married isn't easy..its never goin to be is always goin to be work but as long as your remember that you love each other you will find a way to forge our own path. A path that works for you and J in your marriage. Everyone will give you advise and how to do it but only you and J can find a path that works..but remember you have friends that know how hard it is and they are willing to stand by you and do what they can to help you.


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