Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday, Monday, oh how I loathe Mondays.

This weekend was errrghhhhmaaaazzzing! Really, J and I had the best weekend, and it was pretty low key, which is always good. It really started Thursday when we went out for drinks with a really fun group of people. I love my besties & our friends. Then Friday, V and a guy named Chris, J and I all went out in Eugene. It was quite fun, and we were home pretty early, which was uber nice. Me..really excited over cake..

My best best best friend.

Not feeling very good.
hehe. That's what he
get's for drinking the rest
of my drink. I told him
it was good. ;)
Two of my best girls

Thee birthday girl. :)

Saturday, J and I slept late & hung around the house. It was his sister's birthday [the one that had passed away in 1995] and so we went up to my SIL, to BBQ & shoot the bows. It was such a nice day, not raining at all, and warm. I even got to wear flip flops which was a wayyy happy moment for me. ;) We had some drinks, really good steaks. Eho, came up and hung out with us for awhile & it was so nice to get to see her. She and I are going to start walking..if I ever find the time. :) We ended up staying the night at Eric & Milly's and woke up Sunday pretty early.

J and Eric had a boys days & Milly and I took Christina to a movie and to lunch. It was really fun & we watched the best movie. The Bounty Hunter. It has Gerad Bulter & Jennifer Aniston in it, wayyy good. I loved it, it is definatly a movie I will buy. :)

We ate dinner with them on Sunday and I ended up going home by myself, cause J is helping Eric get everything ready for Easter weekend. They do a huge party at their house so they are trying to get ready for it.

Today has been a pretty good day at work, not to slow & pretty busy in the morning, which totally makes the day go by way faster. I have about 45 minutes left of work & then J and I are going to go to dinner & a movie. ;)



  1. awwww...I want a birthday cake too. ;)

  2. FUN! I'm hoping to post about my weekend tomorrow!

  3. That cake looks delicious!! Sounds like fun!!


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