Thursday, March 25, 2010

day 1; diet. [edited]

Today; I have started my diet. I don't have a goal weight or anything. I just want to get back to looking healthy, and get back into shape. I would looove to lose about 75 lbs, and get down to 185-190 lbs. I know that it will take a ton of hard work & diet change and exercise. I am going to try very hard to keep to this diet, and hopefully youguys will check in every so often and ask how things are going. :) Love.

Today I have had:

  • 1 banana [62 calories]
  • 2 cups of coffee 16oz each [one with about 1/4 cup half and half and half a shot of vanilla--the other with two sugar packets with a little of the left over creamer from the first cup.] [coffee- 4 calories cream- 78 calories  sugar- 59 calories vanilla 78 calories]
  • 1oz baby carrots [35 calories]
  • Kaiser roll with turkey, fat free cream cheese and cranberry [cream cheese- 107 calories,cranberry  sauce-104 calories, kaiser roll- 82 calories, turkey- 104 calories
  • cup of beef & homening soup [100 calories]
  • 16 oz ice water with lime. [2 glasses 0 cal, 2 calories for the lime slice]
  • Laughing Cow; Light Swiss wedge [1 wedge- 35 calories]
  • 1 oz baby carrots [35 calories]
  • Six inch Subway Sweet onion chicken teriyaki [420 calories]
Total calories; 1169

I feel that I have done pretty good today. My lunch was pretty calorie packed, but I think that I did light cream cheese and it was fat-free and the cream in my coffee, but other than that I feel I did good today, so far. I am going to keep drinking my water through out the day. I plan on buying a couple lemons and lime and cutting them into wedges, it makes it so much easier to drink water if it has a touch of flavor to it, without the added calorie.

I am headed to the gym today, to sign up for a membership. I am really excited and ready for the change. :)

Wish me luck. ♥


  1. GREAT JOB! Caps for being extra encouraging. We are at the same place. I want to lose 75 too! But mostly I want to be healthy and happy with me and keep up with these kids. Summer is coming quickly. We start Sunday, although I've been making small changes each day.

  2. This is so exciting! Good luck on this LOOONG adventure! I'm working on it too! Some days are definitely better than others! Keep us posted! :)


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