Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mondaaay @ the Lake. :)

Justin and I went to the lake
on Monday, my day off and
tried to do a little fishing. It
didn't quite work that great.
He didn't catch any fish & Ellis
kept getting into the line and
Jake wanted his stick thrown.
Tucker kept running off. lol..
Buuuut. It was so nice & the
sun was shining, so really who
could complain. I had a blast.
And J and I got to hang
out, which is ubbbber
nice. :)
Smile pretty Ellis.
Fishing is not fun. :)
the three kids.

me reading.
[no i am not pregnant,
yes, i am going on a diet.
right effing now.]
chewing on a stick

my hubbbs.

Best buddies.

again, chewing on a stick.

she's always smiling.

shakkke it. :)

she's done getting her
picture taken. :)

Jake & Tucker

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