Friday, March 12, 2010

fill in le blanks. ♥

Time for fill in the blank friday. Loooove her. ♥

1. The best day ever was getting my job offer for a full time postion. I love my job & I worked really hard to get the position, I worked full time+ any extra that needed to be done & when the position came up,I really wanted it and was so excited to get it.
2. My favorite meal of the day is lunch because I get to spend time with my bestie.
3. This weekend is something I am currently dreading. J and I are going through I patch where I want to kick him in the face. lol. And spending a whole day around him doesn't even sound fun.
4. Never in my life have I uh..I cannot think of one thing that I have not done. I have done so many things, even if it was just once.
5. The only thing better than sleeping in is sleeping in & getting to cuddle with my Ellie dog. :)
6. I could really do with some ellipitcal work outs. I have aggression today & I would love to just get on an ellipitcal.

7. The most recent thing I bought myself was 7 tank tops from Old Navy [which I looove] & a yellow sweater and belt from AE. [Which I hate.]
I am in thee worst mood today. I am hungover from drinks. Justin & I fought til 4am. Life is annoying me right now. I want my stupid state taxes to get here. I want the stupid people in my life to exit. I don't want to fight with people that don't matter over things that don't matter. I want to go home & go to sleep..but not next to Justin.
I am just done for today.
Happy Friday ladies. :) I will try to be in a better mood later. :)


  1. Boo! Hang in there hun! I'll be thinking of ya!

  2. I hope you have a better day tomorrow. Hang in there :)

  3. I hope your weekend improves. It's the worst fighting with our spouses (especially when you know you are right). LOL!


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