Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Know your numbers;

Oregon Heart and Vascular Institute came to work today and had a "Know Your Numbers" day. They did a fasting blood draw, blood pressure, and height and weight.

Let's just say- what I thought I a bit off. And not in a good way. I actually weight 271 & I am 5'10". Here is are my numbers;

                        My Value         Recommended Level
Triglycerides-        56                  Below 150 mg/dl
Total Cholesterol   118                Below 200 mg
HDL "good" chol.    39                 Higher than 40 mg
LDL "bad" chol.      68                 Below 100 mg
Risk Ratio             3.0                Less than 4.0
Fasting Blood Glu   92                 Below 100 mg

Blood Pressue 121/72           Ideal; 120/80 mmHg
Pulse- 82

    So I am below in everything, I just need to get my good cholestorol up. They told me to excercise- Check. Lose Weight- Working on it. And eat fish twice a week- maybe. :) I am not that great at eating a lot of fish, but I am going to try. I just don't like cooking it & having it smell up my house.

I am going to work out today & work really hard on pushing myself.. :)


  1. Numbers look great! I have high cholesterol! :( I was SHOCKED to say the least! I know I'm not olympian or anything but really?! I work out several times a week! I'm not old or obese? :(:(:( Thank goodness I really enjoy fish!

    Good motivation though!

  2. We are so similar, it's freaky. I'm from Calif and live in Wash now. I'm 5'11", my scale says 267. I'm aiming for 75 lb weight loss and we started 2 days ago. My numbers are similar to yours expect my HDL is closer to 30. I've been taking fish oil pills (much easier than eating fish more often). But, I like fish, so that's not the hardest thing for me. I look forward to inspiring you and you inspiring me down this road to a more healthy lifestyle.

  3. I totally need to get checked out. I'm trying to do a health overhaul right now!


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