Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hi-Ho Hi-Ho it's off to work we go.. ♥

Disclaimer: My husband & Father &
Grand-father are/were loggers. I will
not post any comments that are
against the world of logging, and/or
anything that says that it is cruel to the
trees. Every logging company
re-plants more trees than they
cut down, there is an over
abundance of logs in the area where
they are logging. Logging is why
my sisters and I went to college,
why I got married, and the reason
I am still alive, because my father and
husband were able to put food on the
table. Thank you very much.

In honor of my wonderful husband going back to work. I decided to write a nifty little post about what he and my father do & show some pictures & stories. :)

    I never thought I would grow up to be a logger-wife. I grew up being a loggersdaughter. I doubt those are one word, but in my world it is. My dad was raised by a family that worked outside and ran their own company for as long as he could remember. When my dad was fresh out of high school/ right before he married my mom, he and his father started up a logging company with my dad's brother. They worked really hard to keep the company running and did really well for themselves. My grandpa was killed in '91 in a logging accident and my dad and his brother branched out to make their own companies.
     My father worked so hard to make a living, and do everything in his power to give a life that he wanted. I remember going on road-trips with my mom to visit my dad when he worked out of town, and the employee's coming to pick up their checks. I remember the company Christmas parties and BBQ's that we used to have. My dad was such an amazing logger that a large company sent he and my mom to Australia for a month, to teach companies over there to run large pieces of equipment.
     My dad was in magazines and had newspaper articles written about him. In 2000, he ended up selling the bussiness to another larger company and going to work for that person. He still works there, but I know that he misses having his own company. He works long hours, and I love the days that he needs someone to help and either J or I go with him to work.
       Justin was right out of high school when we got together, he wasn't sure of what he wanted to do with his life, but he knew that he wanted to be outdoors, and one day while looking in the newspaper, there was a logging job. He had a little experience from being around people and helping them cut firewood and do other things, and he got the job. He has worked for a few different companies. He is currently working for a company out of Salem.
     Last night was a strange feeling, excitement, nervousness, lots of different things flying around. :) J got his boots all ready, his rain gear, a sweatshirt, and his old work clothes that have been packed away for at least 6 months. :) I tried taking pictures, but all I got were dirty looks, apparently making a sandwhich for your lunch is not photo worthy. :) Whatev.
     So, this morning at 3:45 in the MORNING [!!!] the alarm went off, I got all my stuff together and poured myself into the car, Mr. Talkative got a few one word answers out of me. :) He dropped me off at my mom's around 4 something and I went back to sleep. I could have cleared out my parents entire house, front door unlocked, not a person/dog stirred..I just went and climbed into the first empty bed I found, as there were kids randomly placed through out the house. Lol. :) Woke up at 6:20 and got ready and at 7 something had Emeli bring me to work, where I am currently drinking coffee that is well..almost cold. [UHH! WHATEV. I just walked down, mid-blog post and filled up my coffee, brought it back to my desk and then the lid popped off and spilled coffee on my keyboard. My keyboard already hates me & only works sooometimes. So I had to get one of those air-blowing things and blow out all the coffee.]

My dad. He runs a Feller-Buncher.
A Carriage, it is hung from heavy
wire that drags the logs to the landing
where they are bucked and loaded
onto log trucks. :)
Two Loaders.
Logs getting loaded onto a truck.
A log-loader. :)
Again, My dad. :)


  1. Too cool! Do you guys just have one car right now?

  2. What a hard and noble job. It's weird to see the clear cuts when driving through Oregon, but I know they are doing us all a service providing the things we like to buy and replanting trees to make it all better and keep their own business growing. Thank you for the informative post. So, do you watch Ax Men? I watched 1 episode and have such a greater respect for everyone in that industry.


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