Sunday, March 28, 2010

day 3 & 4 diet; [03-27-2010]

I did not do good yesterday. I had chips and dip and mexican food & starbucks. So, let's just say I am at 2500 calories for the 27th. :) I will write out a list of things, when I get a chance.

Today, hasn't been that bad. It's almost 2:36pm and I have had breakfast and lunch for lunch. 3 cups of black coffee with one sugar packet & 4 cups of water. :) I plan to eat something light for dinner. Lunch was my usual subway sandwhich, I am not sure the calories right off the top of my head. :)

 Sorry I havn't been that good about my calories today. :) I forgot my shoes & work out pants at home, so I won't be working out today. Or tomorrow. Justin works tomorrow & I have it off, so he will have the car.
  Alrighty, I am off work. I will update you all on Tuesday.


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  1. You should go for a run outside! It's supposed to be great weather here...I can't wait to go out! :)


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