Friday, March 5, 2010

not a happy camper;

First off--I love my husband..but sometimes..I do NOT like him. He can be a jerk & hurtful, and I just don't get why. There are so many times that I need him to just kiss my butt a little, give me some room & get out of my face.

This week has not been fun, I work in the ED/Lab of a major hospital. Most of the time we are pretty steady with client flowing in and out all day. This week..has been nothing even close to normal, we have been SWAMPED. I get stressed when we are at a constant run, and need some time outside of the hospital & out with normal non-work friends. So I texted my girls and their significant others & said meet for drinks.

J went fishing yesterday all day and didn't get done til 4 something & then still had a two hour drive ahead of them, I got off at 4 and a friend asked if I wanted to meet for dinner at 6:30, I called and asked J if he wanted me to wait for him so he could go with us to dinner and then to get drinks-BAM!-instant attitude; So I say [in my head]: What?!? I am not sure what the deal is..?--You don't have to go to dinner, I can come get you & then we can go to drinks. -BAM- More attitude. Finally I just said, You know J, I am going to dinner, I will call you when I am done.

Once done with dinner, he was such a jerk, I don't know if it was because he is getting sick and his poor face has fever blisters on it, or that he was tired or if he was just being an ass hole, but when I called him, he was ready to go at his sisters, and so once I went up there, he was still being a jerk.

We ended up not going to get drinks with our friends and going home and going to bed. I was furious, and woke up furious. He was very apoligetic, but that doesn't change that I still didn't get to go have a night of no stress with my friends. I work 40+ hours and don't have a lot of time to do things with any of my friends. It was just all in all a depressing night.

We are going to our friends for dinner tonight & I am really excited. I miss hanging out with A&A. ♥


  1. Too funny because our friends call us A&A [Adam & Abby] :)

  2. as the A&A of your are gonna try to go out again this Thursday..


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