Tuesday, October 26, 2010

school. life. & everything in between.

Hello Hello My beautiful bloggy friends.

    Yes, I do know that I have been MIA for quite awhile. My life has done some changing. I finally quit the job from hell. Justin moved back home, and life has been actualy pretty close to amazing as it could possibly get. I have been going to school during the day, instead of at night until 10:40 every night. I start at 7:50 and I am done most days by 1:40 or 12:40. It is pretty awesome.
    I have been spending  a lot of time recently hunting, and with my sister in law. I really love hanging out with friends.

   I don't really have computer access, but you are all more than Welcome to find me on Facebook. I can get on that through my phone. I will try to write out post, and then type them up and post them when I get a chance. I really miss blogging, and all of the connections that I have made through blogging.
      I hope to catch up on all of your lives. I look forward to the challenge. :) :)

Miss you guys..


  1. Yaayy! I'm so glad you're back and things are going well :)

  2. Hello there sweetie.. i am glad to know that things are happening with a positive pace for you.. all the best and keep moving forward

  3. Hey! email me and tell me what email your face book is on. I can't find you!!!

  4. Girl, I have been terribly remiss and not reading as regularly as I should but I just went back and read ALL of your posts about your situation with J. I can't believe how far the two of you have come. Glad you're onto a new job and making a happy marriage. Best of luck to you!


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