Wednesday, September 29, 2010

oh man. oh man. oh man.

September 29, 2010

Oh man. Oh man. Oh man.
Two days && then it is HUNTING SEASON!

I am beyond excited. I love hunting season. I am so excited to get in my camo, put my binoculars on, pack on my back, watch the sunrise and fall sitting next to my husband, with a gun in my lap. I am so ready to get out of the city, and have some fresh air and alone time with Mr. Man.

I really think that in a few days I am going to have a full-blown sickness. I am stuffed up, runny nose, tickly throat, itchy ears…really not that good. Justin has strep and he does not feel good at all. It sucks. I do not need to be sick. I cannot get sick. I have to work, and go to school.

This week is going to be so long. I have school tonight until 10:40. Uh. I do not want to go to school that long. I was to just go to the time when I had before. Hopefully everything works out, and I am able to just get through it. I think that it is going to put a strain on us, because once again, we will not have time to really spend with each other. But a perk is that I have every single weekend off in October, and some Monday’s. So I am going to spend as much time with him as possible. J

I am so ready for this weekend. Wow. I am going to go to bed so early. J

First night of Second Term, I am nervous, three of the hardest classes all in one term. Hopefully starting a new job soon.

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