Monday, September 27, 2010

love lives on.

and even though i cry like crazy
even though it hurts so bad
i'm thankful for the time god gave me
even though we couldn't make it last
i'm learning how to live without you
even though i don't want to
and even with you gone love lives on
- mallary hope. ♥

I made the decision; to stick to my guns. No more back & forth. No more; I love you, I hate you. I want you. I don’t want you. I need you. Leave.

The papers are signed.

I have been doing a lot of my own things lately. I have hung out around a lot of new people. Been going to school. Working long hours and still finding the time to hang out with people. It’s been kind of hard going to bed alone, but I have the dogs, and they do a pretty good job of cuddling me. :]

I was thinking that I really hadn’t been single since I was in high school. I had boyfriends all of high school, and once I got out, I dated pretty steadily, until John and I got together, and he and I dated for a few years, when we broke up in April, I met Justin in August, and was his girlfriend by December. The time between April and August, I spent time dating an old boyfriend. So I was never really alone.

I am separated. And even though there is a guy that is interested…I am taking things verrrry slow…to the tune of not holding hands or even making any moves, which works out great, considering he is the shiest person I have probably ever met. :]

I went yesterday and had lunch with my K, we went to a local bar and I had the best philly-cheese steak sandwich & a blueberry cosmo---so good. :] It was so nice to get out and see her. We both work so much, and with school on my plate, I do not have the time that I used to. But we sat and talked forever. Went to a tattoo parlor, and got my tattoo priced…it’s only going to be $100-125. I am so excited. I cannot wait.

I am going to try and get it done, by the end of August. I am so ready for it. It is a dandelion. On my right foot is the main dandelion, with little “wishers” coming off of it, and then on my left foot, they float to the other foot, and I will have wishes on that foot, and under them it will say “love lives on”

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  1. i really like that idea for a tattoo, i wanna see it when its done!


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