Sunday, June 21, 2009

there isn't a day that goes by..

I am so unsure of the path that my life is going down. I love Justin so much, and I know that soon he and I will be husband and wife. But there is so much uncertainity, and it is so overwhelming right now. A week ago, the only thing that was on my mind, was my wedding day. Walking out those double doors of my parents house; seeing my family sitting on hay bales, my grandparents sitting there, waiting for me. My sisters dressed in their dresses, the groomsmen all dressed up, and Justin. Justin oh Justin.. walking down the aisle.. to meet him. Hold his hands, and become his wife.. But all of that changes..
Life is choices and Justin and I have made choices that have now put us into a situation that is less than desirable. We are not able to see eachother for almost three weeks, and when we are allowed to see eachother, we are not going to be sure of what the outcome is going to be.

I do not know how my life with be three weeks from now.

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