Sunday, June 7, 2009

and i thought I loved you then.. <3

Well well well.. It's been a while. :] hehe. I have had absolutely no time to just sit around at the house. And definatly no time to write a blog. But today; is a lazy day. Justin went to go help a friend cut some firewood and they are going to deliver it to Eugene when they are done. Sooo.. I have some free time to get at least a few things checked off my list of tasks.

First let's start off with a little update; I got the job at Cottage Grove Hospital. I am currently going through my training at Riverbend. Which if you have not been there; go there. It is truely amazing. Everything is sooo nice. And the lobby area is gorgeous. I worked on Friday and it was about 7.5 hours of an orientation at the UD [University District; old PeaceHealth location; I am going to have to learn all of their abbrieviations that they have..] It was such an amazing orientation. Working for this company..they really want to instill a since of pride in who you are, and what you do. It is more about the healing through Jesus Christ and the overall experience at the hospital; than the actual medicine part. They want people to feel like they are welcomed, and comfortable at all times. I can tell that I am going to really love my job.
Wedding update; We purchased our wedding invitations. Now I need to print them out. I found who I want my make my dress; but I just need to find a pattern in my size. I need to also buy some spanx to see if that makes me a smaller size. :] hehe. My mom has been helping me out with wedding stuff, which I apprieciate so much. It gets so frustrating because I know what I want for our wedding. I have an idea in my head..and it seems that EVERYONE around me has an idea also. Which is great; write it down--and use it in your wedding. My mom wants me to just purchase my wedding dress.. but the way I feel on it, it that I have changed so many other things in the wedding to be cheaper..and I am not going to budge. I love this dress. Last summer I tried on close to 40 dresses and there were dresses that I liked.. None that I loved. I looove the dress I have picked out. If I start working more, instead of having my dress made I will just purchase it from online. :]

June 4th, 2009..I had officially been out of high school for five years. And as I did on my 20th birthday [with the realisation that I was no longer a teenager]..had a minor melt down. I realised I had been out of school five years and I didn't feel that I had accomplished anything in my life. Then..while crying Justin walks over..with my senior yearbook..flips to the very back cover and reads to me.

Goals for Life; 2004 by; Shelby Kronberger

5 years;
1. Move out of my parents house and be living on my own
2. Find and marry the man of my dreams.
3. Get a degree
4. Be working in a hospital
5. Purchase a new car.
It goes on the list 10, 20 year plans..but once I read through those 5 sentances..I started to realise that..I had accomplised all of those things.
1. I live on my own. We pay our power bill and phone bills, we buy groceries and toilet paper. We have a real-life house. :)
2. Almost 4 years ago; I met the man of my dreams, and in August, I will be married to him.
3. Not quite a degree; But a certificate of completion in the Medical Receptionist Course
4. My date of hire; June 4th 2009. :)
5. Well..It's not new; But it is new to us.

I feel so blessed with my life. Even though there are days where life just doesn't seem fair, and it doesn't seem like one thing is going right. I know there are other people out there that have more struggle; more wants; more needs than Justin or I have. I am going to try to be a better person and truely live the mission statement and core values of my job. They are things that if every person just spent ten minutes working on daily the world would be just that much more bareable.

They way you treat one person can have an affect on 10 people after you leave that one person.

Well.. I am going to go work on wedding invitations. I am hand addressing all of my response card envelopes; 100 times of writing; Ms. Shelby Kronberger, street address, Cottage Grove Or, 97424. Over and Over again. :]

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