Wednesday, May 20, 2009

fashionably late. <3

Mhm. This smile..this perma-smile..that I have plastered on my face..24 hours a day, seven days a week..that is for you. The one person that listens to me talk endlessly about wedding invitations, who is invited, big or small, large wedding party vs. no wedding party.. all of these things, that you would rather not be listening to.. And yet; You do. You listen. You give me feedback. You help me decide; cake flavors, colors, invitation wordings, and you still kiss me goodnight after it all.

Wedding planning; it is starting to stress me out. Even though I know there is enough money to do everything that I want to do, I still feel like there isn't going to be. I have found our amazing invitations, from and i copied them and am now trying to make them on a website which I am completely in love with. But I totally need to be doing all of these things on a faster computer.

My bridesmaids; Karlea and Crystal. I was going to have my sisters, but they are just being such hellians. That I don't think that I can trust them to be on their best behavior. They do not agree with my wedding, so why would I want them standing up there, for all the world to see. My two bridesmaids; Have been wonderful. Not that there is anything for them to do right now. But soon, very soon there will be.

I feel overwelmed..but for no reason. I am right on schedule. I have more than enough time to get everything accomplished that I want to. Soo hmm. just need to breathe i guess. :]

going to watch a movie with my ellis. :]

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