Monday, May 4, 2009

blood is thicker than water; but i don't really like blood.

I am probablly going to talk about you.
Your not going to like reading
the truth about yourself online.
Get over it.
Freedom of speech.
If you do not like what you read.
Do not read it.

So your browsing the super-highways of the internet; and you come across a website, where people just like you are writng their own personal thoughts. You take some time out of your day to stop and read said persons thoughts. And :gasp: there it is! Something about you. Something that you truth. And it stings. Maybe before you decide to condemn that person into could re-evaluate you life. Should you first not look and see if you hand are clean before you point the finger.

If you would have read the post, you would have read that it was not about you inparticular, yet it was about "your" role model. If you did not think that every waking moment of every God given day was about you. Maybe your life would not be filled with so much drama.

I write this blog for one reason, and one reason only. Because I can. I enjoy writing. I enjoy being able to write and not be judged by someone. If you do care for things I write, remove me from your address bar and stop looking. The things I write, are not to invoke a family uproar, as I said in earlier post. But they are there for people to read and to take a step back and look onto their lifes.

Maybe; just maybe you will find what you are looking for.

I do not live the exact life that I want to. I do not walk all day beside the Lord like I would like to. I live in sin with my fiance, and I do things that are not bible friendly. But I do not say things to cause drama or to hurt feelings. Life is choices, and I choose to walk away. I have come to realise that my life will never be whole. I will never have everything that I want. I am able to have an amazing life, standing by Justin's side. Both of working, and supporting our hope, dreams, and desires. But there will be people not standing beside us. And I am okay with that.

family is family..i now understand why God created friends. :]

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