Thursday, May 7, 2009

the best part; slow dancing in the kitchen. <3

justin; he is taller than i am. shy around new people. out-going with friends. provider. strong. handsome. he takes me breathe away. he gives me butterflies. spontaneous trips to places. sunday morning coffee. long walks at the lake. tender kisses. quiet talks. just as baby crazy as i am. trustworthy. honest. hardworking. partner in crime. fiance. and the best part; slow dancing in the kitchen.

today i bring you a wedding update.
i have asked 5 girls to be my bridesmaids.
karlea; best friend since kindergarten. maid of honor. love her.
crystal; justin's older sister. so funny. and beautiful
emeli; second oldest girl in my family. amazing sister.
kaitlyn; gorgeous blond hair. third sister.
kendal; the baby. if only i looked like her. baby of the family.

i have spent the last couple days scouring the internet looking for anything and everything wedding. i have picked out my invitation and bridesmaid dresses. :] they are all simple but elegant, and beyond amazing.

i have chose three different styles of dress and i am letting the girls choose the one that they want to wear. that way there is no-one saying they hate what i picked out. hehe.
i will try to upload them later. it seems that my computer is having issues with me at the moment. :]

well i am going to end this for now. more later. byye.

good bless.

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