Wednesday, November 11, 2009

simply smitten. ♥

Lately, I have needed a little extra boost in the department of being happy. I don't regret any decions that I have made. I just wish that some of the people in my life made better decisions. So, I have decided to make this post about things that make me happy. Things that help me to remember the brighter side of life. :]

a. my grandma pat; today i was able to have coffee with her, and catch up on all the random things going on in our lives. i miss being able to see her all the time. i usually work so much, that i don't have time to see her. today i thought i had to be to work at 7:45, and when i got here, i wasn't scheduled until 9:00..very sad for me, because i really needed to sleep in but oh wellll.

b. pina coloda lip gloss; because it is yummy, last forever, and it really makes my day when i reach into my purse and find it on the first try without having to dig or search or even try.

c. my sisters; they can be such pains in the ass. but really those three girls mean the world to me. i can't believe how grown up everyone is getting. emeli and i are becoming closer and closer, and i love that we have our justins. :] and kaitlyn; oh how i love watching kait play basketball. and kendal; my crazy crazy kendal. i cannot believe that she is already driving and dating, and all of the random crazy things that she says or does.

d. tucker, ellie, jake; my dogs- oh those dogs. i luurve mr. tucker. he is such a good dog, and it makes me laugh to watch him bounce across the bed, and then he burns around the house and the way elli looks at him like "what is your deal?" it makes me smile.

e. my job; i love it. i love coming to work. i love the people i work with. i love the company i work for. i wish that i could get a benefitted postion though. it would make me so happy to have a full time position here at the cottage grove location, but more and more postions are coming available in other places within the company and i am hoping to one day get a job within, full time.

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