Friday, January 15, 2010

papa gary. <3

Yesterday, was my Papa Gary's birthday. I cannot believe he has been gone as long as he has been. He was such an amazingly strong man, that left the earth far to soon. I know that he would have loved my sisters and I, and all of the grandkids that he has. There would have been a lot of things done differently, but I know that it would have all worked out.

He would have loved to watch Kaitlyn play basketball, and Kendal's love for doing crazy things. Emeli and he would have been close, and I could just imagine him and my dad talking late into the night. I miss him so much.

Thank you for the times we shared and love you gave
It surely will not be forgotten

The moments shared laughing and playing
are the ones I think of most often

The stories of you are great and so was your character
It taught us all so much
I hope one day we all can look back
and say we had character as such

Now an Angel upon us
Promise me you will stay close
An angel is what we all need

There is never a time when we don't
Thank you Grandpa, for all you did
Your sacrifices on Earth seemed to acrue
You are with the One who knows them best
and faithful is what He shall call you

Rest in Peace Papa, I love you so much!

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