Sunday, April 19, 2009

lifes a beach.. :]

Today was an amazing ending to the perfect weekend. We had a friend fly in from South Carolina on Friday afternoon. We had a nice BBQ at Cristina and Scott's. Then Saturday we went to Zach's birthday and hung out. We went out dancing with everyone. Then today..we went to the beach. :]

I have this sick obsession with the beach. The smell; the sand; the sunnnn; the wind [which i could have totally gone with out..but it is all part of the experience.] We took a kite to the beach, set it all up; and flew it all over the beach. Well that might be a little bit of an exageration because it mostly just flew into the sky; and then dive bombed at us. :]

We played on the beach for so long; ran from the waves. Really was such a good day. We went and ate at a really good place. It was right next to Mo' was a little bit expensive, but it was our one meal out for our little two week schedule. :]

Well.. I am going to make a list of things I need for groceries tomorrow. :]

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