Thursday, April 30, 2009

wedding. birthdays. my mother. :]

Well, the days have been flying by recently. And I am not sure why. It seems like it was just monday, and now we are already at thursday. Very crazy. Justin and I decided to forego the trip to seattle. Even though both of us really really wanted to go. We really do not have the money to spend right now. With his just starting back up to work, and the 1st being his first real pay check in a couple months, most of our bills are behind. Even though we have been putting whatever money we had saved up on bills, there is still some amount owed. So we are doing the responsible thing. :]

Two days ago, Justin and I went ring "browsing"..or more along the lines of jewerly browsing. Because I pointed out items that I was in love with, and he asked me question about ring types, gold or white gold, round or square, big or little. We came up with, white gold, single stone round..multiple diamonds round in the middle square beside it. And a small/medium sized diamond. I know that it is the thought that counts when it comes to engagement/wedding rings. And that when Justin and I have more money coming in, that we will get better rings after we are married. So, I have kinda picked out an inexpensive ring. It is pretty, about 1/3 of a carat total weight. I don't know if that is the ring I will end up with. But I like it. I also saw some verrry pretty necklaces, that I would love as a birthday present. 23..that's a good age to recieve jewerly..for your birthday. Who knows though.

For birthdays, I usually go all out on Justin's. Wonderful dinner plans, a lot of presents, and for mine I get a birthday card and a small gift, usually the last thing on my list of wants. :] He means well. Maybe after all these years, this birthday will be a fantastic one. They are always good, because I have him, and my family.

This year, my mom turns 45. Actually in a little over a week. I am so excited for her. She is going to have a very big celebration. And I cannot wait. She is going to do a big bbq/party at her house. With a bon fire [i think], and so many people. She really should be a party planner. She loves getting people together, and doing big get togethers. I am so happy that she and I have the relationship that we do. She is such an amazing women, and so loving, giving, and remarkably strong. She has gone through so many things, and she still manages to go through life with a fun loving smile on her face. I hope that 22 years from now, that one of my daughters and I will have a relationship like my mom and I have. Hopefully we can by pass the years of fighting that my mom and I went through while I was a teenager. But really I know it made us stronger.

I looked online today for a wedding dress. I could not find anything. Hopefully.. I will find something.

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