Thursday, April 30, 2009

a little bit of listing never hurt anyone. :]

1. I have 3 sisters..[emeli..kaitlyn and kendal] Whom I would love to be best friends with one day.
2. I want to be miss america..but have no desire to be miss america. :]
3. I am totally addicted to hunting. Anything; skunk, deer, looove it.
4. I think I look damn good in camo also. Head to toe..minus boots; I ROCK FLIP FLOPS!
5. I have been on 3 cruises. All to mexico. Can't wait to go again.
6. I cannot eat pizza without ranch..or spaghetti.
7. My parents have like 20 cats and they know all of their names. I know like 3 of their names.
8. I have my entire wedding planned. And can't wait to walk down that isle.
9. I would love to go to Paris..anywhere really. Vacay anyone..
10. I have lived with the same man for 3 years. And sometimes feel like I know nothing about him.
11. My family is my number one prioity. Except they disappoint me more than anyone.
12. I am usually always right. About everything. I only argue when I am right. So if I take you on, back down.
13. I am deathly afriad of snakes; yet I watch t.v. programs about them.
14. I am a badass cook. Except I totally cook for toooo much food.
15. The night I met Justin I thought he was a pest. I didn't want him until 3 months later when he had a haircut, and a shave. And then I found out he had a girlfriend. And I wanted him more. [sorry tanya]
16. I don't drink pop..except at kaitlyn's games; where i drink a pepsi and eat popcorn.
17. I live for gap jeans.
18. I have never done drugs of any kind.
19. I have been on stage at every strip club I've been to. [two of them] and dances both times. [yes please grandma i would like some hand sanitizer]
20. I am a complusie myspace/facebooker. i comment more than i recieve though. bitches.
21. I need to feel wanted.
22. I could live off veggies..cooked..raw..steamed. annnywayyy baby.
23. I want to live somewhere else. But can't imagine leaving my family.
24. I have never burnt dinner. EVER!
25. I have only one girlfriend. Because I have written all the others off.
26. If I had one wish, I would wish my dog to be a human. Ellie is by far my best friend.
27. I tend to forgive the ones that don't deserve it, and remove the ones that do.
28. I am certain of only four things in my life; My mom loves me. I want to get married. I want to work at the hospital more than I have ever wanted to work anywhere. And I want a baby.
29. I have all of my future children names. First and Middle. Boy and girl. I would list them here, but I require anyone that I tell to sign a waiver, promising that you will not ever repeat these names to any expecting more, nor will you name your own child this name.
30. I am pretty sure, I am the only person that ever reads my blog. Oh well. It makes me feel so much better. :]

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