Tuesday, April 21, 2009

sisters; for you i pray.

even though they think of me as worthless and
not worthy of their kindness i still pray for them.
i pray they never know the
pain of being slapped across the face.
i pray they never taste the blood
of a bleeding lip
from a backhand to the mouth
i pray the never learn how
to cover up a black eye with make-up
i pray they never have to protect themselves
i pray for so many things for those girls
and yet they will never know
i am still the sister
who they dont believe in
the one they dont tell their secrets to
the one they would never call if they needed help
the last to know..if ever
my sisters will grow up and be wifes
mothers..sisters to eachother
all without me
i will be watching though
the one in the background at their events
i will see them through pictures
watching from afar
to not make a scene
not make things worse
them never knowing
never calling
never missing me
never trying to make it any better
all because of a reason that i am clueless of
they wanted me gone from their lives
and i left.

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