Thursday, February 18, 2010


My taxes are FILLLLED. And I am so beyond friggen excited. So so so so excited. J and I are getting just under 1900 from Federal and just under 800 from State. We have some big big big plans for the money..

1. New pillows & a down comforter && a new duvet. Oh & new sheets.

Something darker, because we do have the dogs that sleep in our bed. But still nice.

2. A new car.

I cannot decide on what kind of car to buy. But I know that it is either going to be a truck 2000-2003 Toyota or some type of car. Honda or Toyota. I need to browse online for different models and decide what I like.

3. A Vacay.

We are going to spend the weekend in Lincoln City at an archery shoot with J's sister and brother in law. I am so excited. We're staying at Surftides and

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