Friday, February 26, 2010

Fill in the blank FRIDAYYY. ♥

I am so super duper excited that today is friday.
You honestly have no idea. And so far today has
been pretty close to awesome! I am driving my
sister in-laws car, which is super sweet. I got thee
best coffee today, from a little coffee shop that I
wish was in Cottage Grove, but is not. And I am going
to ask my manager if I can't get off work early, so we
can leave early. :) I still need to get the oil changed in
Mil's car & go home to see if my federal check has gotten
there..and then we are off for a fun filled weekend in
L I N C O L N C I T Y, O R E G O N.

1. when i am nervous i get butterflies in my stomach and feel like shutting down.
2. my favorite item in my closet is my
green sweater from Old Navy, I honestly would live in it, if I could..but I am sure people would notice, if all I wore was my green sweater, jeans & some tank.
3. cuddling up with ellie, jake, tucker and justin all in the cal-king size bed watching a movie is my favorite thing to do when i need to relax
4. my favorite childhood memory is riding horses, I lived at the barn when I was little, practically until J and I got together..I still rode quite a bit when he and I got together, but school & work took the place of horses, and I had to put down my mare, so, I was without a horse. :(

5. something you may not know about me is
i am kinda a not nice person. I really love all my friends, and people that I don't really know, but the whole act of forgiving someone, is a very hard thing for me to do. I do not like to forgive someone and allow them to be apart of my life again. I feel like I gave you a chance & you chose to not respect that. That was your decision, so why should I feel bad about making the decision for your exit from my life. One of thee only people that I forgive, all the time, is Justin & I am not sure why. lol. Lord knows he has done so many things that are unforgivable, yet I still forgive.
6. a true friend is something I do not have every many of. I can count the amount of people that are true friends to me on one hand. which is kinda sad.
7. something i hope people think of when they think of me that I am caring, and someone that they can trust, that & that I look like a size two & have great hair. :) :) :)

That is all people. Go check out lauren's blog & LINK UP!!
fill in the blank friday.



  1. Just came across your blog...I'm your newest follower! :)


  2. Yay for old navy sweaters. I seriously think Old navy is the only place that makes clothes that fit me just right.

    Have a great weekend :)

  3. hope you have a fun time in lincoln city. i love it there!

    and as for not having a ton of friends...i think it's about quality, not quantity. having too many friends is sometimes just extra stress!

    thanks for playing along this week!

    hope you have a great weekend.



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