Sunday, February 21, 2010

weekend out w. friends & family. ♥

This is Saturday before
Out with my lovely's
Can youuu tie a cherry stem in a
knot with your tongue?
My three favorite.

Justin & Chris.

Double date.

Chris. Me. J. & V,

Love those two.


lol. who knows.

scotticus & i.

testing to see if I was over the legal drinking/driving limit.

not that i would drive. buttt i wanted to see after two

drinks what my level was. it was .52..way over the legal

limit which is .08. :] yessss. I did it wrong though

because your supposed to wait 30 minutes

after your done drinking to test it.

this is my reaction to drunk driving.

my love.


one of my girls.

my lovely again.

two of my favorites.

one of my best friends.

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