Tuesday, February 16, 2010

busy. busy. busy.

I cannot believe that today is already Tuesday. It is totally crazy to me how fast time is flying by. This weekend was fairly busy & really fun. Friday night, Justin and I spent it just lounging around the house, watching movies.

Saturday, my best friend Chris from Idaho was in town and so he and Justin and a couple of our friends went out to the bar. I will post pictures as soon as I get them from a friend. :] I could go online and get them, but it would be such a long process, save them from facebook, email them to my work email and then upload them at work. I would rather she just sent me a zipped file and I can upload and delete. :] I had such a good time out. The girls all danced so much and my legs were absolutely killing me the next morning. But I had a blast. Chris is such a good guy, and he has had a lot of hard times thrown his way, it was nice to see him have a fun night without responsibility. :]

Sunday; Justin and I went to a burlesque show, which was kinda cool. But I did not feel good, my right eye was all swollen and itchy, so we went home fairly early. But we did get a chance to see my SIL and BIL. I made plans with my niece who is nine and we were going to go to a movie and walk around town, and have a girls day because she and I both had Monday off, but when I woke up in the morning on Monday, my eye was still swollen and itchey, so I ended up sleeping the entire day away.

I am going to take her next weekend and go get a pedicure with her, to make up for the day I had to bail on her. :] She is adorable, and I cannot wait. She says the funniest things. Bahhh. Makes me want a baby. hehe. ♥

Today has been so busy at work, I am going to get off of here and finish up my 2 in stack of paperwork. :]

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