Wednesday, February 3, 2010

once again sitting in limbo.

I am currently sitting in limbo. Justin isn't sure what he wants, or even if it is me that he wants. So here I am..sitting. Not sure of which direction to go, to walk away and be alone. To stay and wait while someone does their own thing, until they want to come home. That isn't fair to me. When he is home, we're good, and life seems normal. But as soon as I have anything to say about anything, he becomes a jerk. I am starting to feel like he is too coward to break up with me, and tell me that he wants a divorce, so he is being mean to me, and doing his own thing in hopes that I will be the one to pull the plug, and move on. So that he can put the blame onto me, and not have to take any responsibility for his actions.

I wish that if that were the way that it is, that he would be man enough to tell me.."It's over." I just don't forsee that happening though. He isn't the type to tell me anything, unless it is in regards to something that I do wrong.

What a crappy couple weeks. He has been horrible to me lately and I havn't even been able to enjoy getting my position. I feel guilty for getting a full time position..and I shouldn't. I worked my ass off for this job. I did everything anyone asked me to. I worked every crappy shift. I did it, not him.

welll...I am going to kill sometime doing survey's..I might post them on here..who knows.


  1. What the hell? He is being a jerk. I wonder what his issue is! I just found your blog through the Bloggest Loser submissions. Now Im going to read some more!

  2. P.S. I LOVE your blog disclaimer on the sidebar!!! I would love to add that to my blog!


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