Thursday, February 25, 2010

i burn water.

Once. That's all. It never happened again.
But yes, once..I did burn up one of my
grandma's pans & the counter..and the floor.
Here is the story; e.n.j.o.y. ♥

So, one grammy went out of town & she asked J and I to house sit for her. J and I agreed and moved in for our week long stay. My grandma has an amazing house, that my Papa Gary built for her a long time ago. Well the flooring and the counter tops..are not that cute. My grandma hates them, but her new husband doesn't think they need replaced yet, as the only thing wrong with them, is that they are a bit outdated.

Justin and I started making dinner one night while house sitting, and I was making something that required me to boil water. I put the water on to boil, and went to snuggle up on the couch with Justin until it boiled..well I must of gotten caught up in the show, because when I started to smell something cooking..I went to the kitchen to check. Yep..all the water had boiled out of the pan, the bottom of the pan had melted & as soon as I picked it up it SPIT HOT-MOLTEN-LAVA everywhere. I screamed. Threw the pan on the counter [yes, it burned it, making a round black spot] Justin came to the rescue and threw the pan in the sink, and in the process stepped on lava, burning his foot and causing him to have a cute little teardrop scar on the bottom of his foot. And now there are little burn spots on the floor where the lave hit.

You might be thinking- were you asked back to house sit?!? Of course not, my grandma loves her house, she doesn't want it burned down. :) My sister in-law on the other hand..she's brave. She lets us house sit & I only occasionally catch things on fire there. :]


  1. Hey Shelby! Thanks for the sweet comments on my Poptart Ipod case! :) I'd be more than happy to make you one just let me know if you are interested. My email is
    Have a great day!


  2. Remind me not to ask you to house sit. And I will do the cooking and baking. You scare me sometimes. LOL

  3. Oh man, I have totally done that!


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