Tuesday, August 4, 2009

4 days; then the stress is gooooone.

my looovely little sisters are being shit heads.

you would think that they would just cut me some slack, stay out of my way, and be nice. do anything in their power to make life easier; but i guess that is the joys of being the oldest- i am more mature than them.

i am choosing to not talk to them, just go about my days, and get whatever wedding done that i can. and if they are there on my wedding day, then they are there. it is not that i don't want them there, it's just that i want them to behave like adults. they all three are old enough to keep it together.

i am so close to being married. and i am just waiting it out.

mhm. at work. gonna get back to eating my crackers. i have a looong day today.

7:00-12:45 then 4:15-9:30 11 hours. yay.

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