Sunday, August 2, 2009

seven day forecast;

While surfing the web; I found my ten-day forecast- pre-wedding. I am a littttttle nervous. They are calling for rain the Friday before our wedding. Oh how I hope that it does not rain on my day. I would cry. It would not make me very happy.

Seven Day forecast;

August 2nd: 86 degrees; Isolated thunder storms
August 3rd: 88 degrees; Mostly sunny
August 4th: 84 degrees; Partly cloudy
August 5th: 81 degress; Partly cloudy
August 6th: 74 degrees; Isolated thunder storms
August 7th: 76 degrees; Few showers
August 8th: 81 degrees; Partly cloudy

I really don't want it to rain on my wedding day. :]

[only time will tell.]

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