Friday, August 28, 2009

china!?! like the country; YES!!

Today..I'm at work.. and sometime today, I have a meeting with the Director of Nursing, to talk about a job oppurtunity in the ER. I am really excited to talk to her about it, I would keep the job at the er/lab..and also work in the ER. After my meeting..I am offfffff.

Emeli and I have plans to go to United States Basketball Acedemy to watch my sister Kaitlyn play basketball against CHINA! The olympic team. I am beyond excited for her. She is playing them with her college basketball team. I cannot believe that she is already in College. It seems like just yesterday when we used to go and watch her play on the weekends when she was in 4th grade. And then traveling to all the different states to watch her play. It really is one of my greatest joys. To watch Kaitlyn play basketball brings tears to my eyes. I love to look at all of her pictures, and to go through the scrapbook that Emeli made for her. I hope that Kaitlyn plays well today;

To Kaitlyn; Put the brown thing in the round thing.- Todd Kronberger.

Play smart, foul hard.

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