Monday, August 10, 2009

60 posts.. whaaat? :]

Hmmm. It has been a week of happening. Both of my grandma's had a birthday in just the last couple days. My grammy shrock was last week.. I think on the 6th, but I could be wrong. I had it written down, yet I do not know where I put it.. Either way; Happpppy Birthday Gramma Shrock. And my grandma Pat's birthday is tomorrow; She is turning 60, it just seemed fitting that I would do my birthday post as my 60th post. :] Tomorrow we are going to be doing a birthday party for her tomorrow at my mom's house. Going to do steak and potato's.. I am excited to get to have some sit down time with the whole family and not be center of attention. :] The wedding and all the stuff leading up to it, has been a whole lot of stress. And personally I am ready to just have a break. I need to take all my presents out to the house, so that they can all be washed and put away. I am going to donate all of our old stuff to goodwill. Uber excited.

Sunday, Alicia dropped off a framed picture of Justin and I to my mom and dad's which I am in love with, and I cannot wait until I have some time and then I will upload pictures. Man I have been so tired lately. Then today while I was at work, my aunt Dee Dee, brought some pictures for me, some that she printed off the computer for me, so that was nice. I really wanted them just to be put on a cd, but whatever works. I hope that, Kim's are amazing. I am thinking that they will be, because she is just so talented. :]

Wellll.. I am going to get back to work, and go to lunch with Justin in a little bit. He is going to go fishing with Eric and them tomorrow, and I might just go to springfield tonight and do some picture work. Like putting them on to a cd so that I am able to put them online. :]

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