Monday, August 24, 2009

monday monday. :]

Justin and I had such a great weekend. I worked on Friday, until 8..and by then I was exhausted. I had worked the night before, and gotten off at 7, Justin and I had a councelor appointment at 8:30 and the lady we were there to see did not show up until 9:30, and we had an hour and half appointment, I was so frustrated that we had to wait so long, and that she was so noncholant about it. We went back to my grandma's, and I guess I had fallen asleep in the car but I woke up at 3 in my grandma's spare bedroom. I had to be to work at 4, so I showered and got ready for work. Once I got off work; Justin and I went to dinner with A&A our amazing friends, we went to mexican, and IT WAS AMAZZZZZING. I am beyond in love with it. I had one drink and it about put me to sleep, my eyes were bobbing on the way home.

Saturday; Justin and I spent a long time in bed, we woke up late and put a movie on. Around 3 we finally got up and around. His Sister invited us up for a bbq. We ended up having the most wonderful salmon. Justin and I made fruit salad, and garlic cheese bread, and everything we had was really good. Justin and his Brother-in-law worked on their bows. Since hunting season is so soon. Justin went outside with everyone and shot his bow for awhile. We decided we would go to the County fair with A& I went and met with my sister, and we headed back to PHill to pick up Justin who was still shooting his bow. We went to the fair, and had such a good time. E and I were going to get a cartoon drawing but there was such a long time. We did not want to wait, and they were kinda expensive. After the fair, E, Justin and I went to Dough Co. O-M-G..if you have not had dough co. drive to Eugene, Oregon. And go there. It is soooo good. It is all calzone, and all under $6.25..after dough co. we went to A&A and played redneck life. Which is sooo funny. Justin and I didn't get home until almost 4 in the morning.

Sunday; We slept late, and Justin got a phone call from his sister and she wanted him to pick up his nephew and bring him to the house. Justin was going to shoot his bow, so he just to G home. I had some wedding things to take bake, and so E and K and I went to Target and returned some items. I ended up getting thank you cards, another wall sconce, a couple picture frames and most of my prints all printed. I am going to make a whole nother set of prints for my mom.. She was so impressed by the pictures, she took some of the ones that I only had one copy of, and so I now need to figure out which ones those are. Printing pictures are really expensive. We also ate dinner at my moms, had shish kabobs which were yummy.

Monday; Wellllll now that we are all up to date. I am currently at work, and loooving it. Actually today is kinda hard; I am starving anddd the little kiosk is cooking bacon and eggs, and it is making it worse. I am off work today at 12:45, and Justin and I are going to go over east. Which I am ubbber excited about. I cannot wait. We are going over there to do some scouting for hunting season, and to get where we hunt all ready for when we go over there. I am super duper excited. We leave in just a couple hours. :]

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  1. Hey!

    Just came across your blog somewhere and thought I'd follow and leave a comment. :)

    Sounds like you've had a good few couple of days. Have fun with the hunting thing.


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