Friday, August 21, 2009

black coffee.

Mmm. Right now, I am wishing that I worked at Riverbend. Mostly because they are always busier than us, and also..because they brew Starbucks coffee. Not the stuff that comes in the gray and red packet, the stuff that kinda taste burnt..even after you put sugar and creamer in it. Tonight..I am drinking it, black with sugar. It is alright. Not as good as my grandmas. But okay. :]

Tomorrow is going to be an impossibly long day. I get off work at 7:15am, Justin has to go to an appointment at 8:30 in Eugene, then I have to go by the social security office and get my new card. [Once I get my new card, I have to send away for my birth certificate. Once I get that, then I get a neeewww license, which I am beyond excited about.] After the social security office, I have every intention of crashing out in my grandma's spare bedroom. I have to work at 4:15, and by 10 or 11, I am going to be running on fumes. Which is not something that I am entirely looking forward to, hense the drinking coffee at 3:15am.

Wonderful. Really. My life is wonderful. Even though J is starting to get a little more stressed than normal with life and bills, and the appointment he has to go to tomorrow, and he is a little bit irritable.. I am just giving him a wide berth and playing nice. :] I hope that everything goes good tomorrow. I am kinda nervous for him, but I think that everything will turn out just fine.

Welp; I am going to go try not to fall asleep. I just edited about a hundred facesheets. That have been piling up in my drawer for the last two weeks. :]

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